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Friday, January 6, 2012

Timed Run

Timed Run Today- 1 hr. Wanted to stop going out for specific miles and go out for time- I know I can run more miles this year if I run this way :)
30min out and 30 min back. Stretch in the middle. Was hoping the stretch would be enough to invigorate a stronger run back- but Nope- I was stuck at a 8:48 Pace today. Couldn't budge past that if I wanted to. Funny how that works. I wasn't tired, I was feeling heavy with my gear to stay warm and maybe that's the difference. I fantasized how amazing it would be to toss all that gear and run in just one shirt. Not 3 layers!
6.81 miles done. I know had I gone out for mileage I would of just been satisfied and gone out for 6 miles. So that extra .8 is great to add to my yearly totals.
1/2 mile walk home after the run- and a great stretch!
B: egg over toast
L: all natural pb on 2 slices of whole wheat and tsp of natural jam
Whole wheat Tortilla
grilled chicken breast
guacamole 100 calorie pack
2 tbsp plain Greek yogurt
spinach leaves
organic diced tomato
sprinkle of sharp cheese
*****so Good******
air popped popcorn
nuts/dark chocolate
Greek yogurt
wheat germ

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