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Thursday, January 26, 2012

10 Mile Tempo

I love tempo's they are great for speed and conditioning your endurance runs.
I have only ever tempo'd runs upward of one hour so 6-7miles. So to Tempo a ten miler is pretty darn Cool to me :) I love even after two years of running to be still be doing 'firsts' ....and you know most don't tempo this long at all...but I guess I don't have a Running Coach and learning to run myself and pushing myself from 13 min miles down to 8min miles like this ....I must be doing something right. So I keep giving it a go!
I had no warm- up- and lets be honest the notion of running past an hour on the treadmill is a tad daunting- well maybe more so in my gym- there is just not a whole lot to look at- but I tend to daze off into my own head and thoughts so much- I think that's why I tolerate them so well.
My Friend is running her first half marathon - we are doing the same race- to be next to her is really a big deal to me. I remember my first 8....I'm sad I didn't get a proper good--bye when we were done- I wanted to HUG You Woman- you did good and you pushed through- even without Music- bless your heart as you watched Rachel Ray while calorie cutting- OMG! Eat something Yummy today and nutritional and CELEBRATE.....doing GREAT!
oK Friends here is my 10 mile splits
8:47- Nice to warm up a bit slower- open up the hips and legs- plus this is integral to tempo
8:00 - I was supposed to slow down to 8:47 pace- but I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF
Total: 1:24:30 Pace Averaged 8:27
I had Gatorade Performance during- sort of set me into a knot after my 8min mile- so I welcomed the slower 8:31 pace ....was going to hold the 8:31 for the ladder down and recover but that last mile beckoned to be run at 8 minute pace!
This stuff is Fantastic as far as taste - I think- and there are NO artificial crapola in it- no fake stuff- no High Fructose Corn Syrup- So for me it's a great option and I think if you get a chance - try it- It does leave me super thirsty while I run- like after I drink it- so weird!
Recovery Today- UH-MAZING- like did I just run ten mile tempo today- fast 3 yesterday and freaking hill repeats the day before? Wow!!
Foam Roller is my BFF tonight -
1 cup of plain cheerio
8 oz of almond milk
1/2 sliced banana on top
L& Recovery:
Almond Milk
All Natural Whey Protein Triple chocolate shake- Jillian Michaels
I couldn't muster an eat- I was hungry and the shake settled just fine- sometimes I lose my appetite after a great run.
S: snacked on organic carrots and some Organic Ranch Dressing to dip them in
and snacked on Apple Straws- Darn you cinnamon little tasty treats! Yum! 140 cals for about 35 straws!
3 oz of poultry sausage
1/2 cup of Quinoa
1/2 avocado diced into the Quinoa- Wow- GOOD_ honestly I mashed it all together- I can put avocado on anything these days- LOVE IT!
1/2 cup of mixed fruit
S: Greek Yogurt, Air Popped Popcorn & Dark Chocolate

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