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Monday, January 16, 2012

Speed Work Monday

Treadmill Running- That's Ok :) I like it sometimes!

1/2 mile warm up in 5:15min pace- 10:05
2 miles in 16min pace- 8min
1/2 mile in 3:40min pace-7:20
1/2 mile in 3:40min pace-7:20
1/2 mile in 3:40min pace-7:20
1/2 mile in 3:20min pace-6:40

Crushed some arm work between mile speed intervals :)

I have been feeling really bloated and so I weighed in and to my surprise I was 159 today. Weird. I could of swore I was 165 which is why I took out the scale, I just felt bloated and puffy- but 'hey' what do I know- sorta glad I put the scale away alot lately and take it out when I'm curious.

3 eggs
1 slice of whole wheat
coffee, tsp of sugar, 2 tbsp of ff half in half

almond milk 8oz
all natural whey protein 1 scoop

1 cup of kidney beans
1/4 cup of crushed organic tomato
4 whole wheat crackers
tsp of grated parm cheese
pinch of lowfat mozz cheese
2 slices of whole wheat with garlic and pinch of lowfat mozz on top

greek yogurt
organic apple

1 comment:

  1. Love your blog! And boy can I relate. I'm on my way back down after having 2 babies in two years. And I am just now getting into running, very inspired by your speedy times after starting out like me at 12+ minute miles!