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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Easy Weight Session

I did an easy weight session- well sorta I guess- lol

I woke up under the weather (You ladies know what I'm referring too!)

I wore sweats to the gym and casual sport shirt - the point of being there very truthfully was to spend time with Runnerboy- He always looks forward to our gym days- so I didn't want to take that time away from him- very truthfully (cause I love him dearly don't get me wrong) but I could care less If I was in that gym room today because my back was killing me and I was feeling drained with a headache and blah, blah, blah. I had a million excuses to skip this work-out but that's the point of what I always preach- NO excuses.

Sometimes they are legitimate and other times I fake it. That's ok too. At the end of the day- the work-out is done- with as much glorified UMPH as I normally would- NO - but this is what I did.

Solid Hour on the Weights- and considering I hit them the day before- as I write this the next morning my back/arms are SORE- so today is upper body rest.

How Often are you lifting? I was just thinking I really started aiming at doing just arms every other day but sometimes I do them 2 days in a row- I suppose it's a lot like running- listening to the body.

B: Buckwheat pancake - home-made with pure maple syrup

L: Grilled chicken Sandwich on Whole Wheat
Garden salad with raspberry vin. dressing

Couliflower Pizza - I made this last night- It was very good - I'll try it again- next time having drained the extra water out- and adding more cheese to the dough- as I was running low on cheese and needed some for the topping of the pizza- Whitney loved it- the twins not so much - Don enjoyed it. It was good for different- My Whitney did say though- "Mommy our other dough is good for us too- can't we just use that one" lol- so maybe as I type this I won't make it again- I want my kids to eat happy - so I'll stick to the whole wheat dough.

Mixed Nuts/ Dark Chocolate/plain cherrios

Late night- 2 Greek Yogurts with Wheat Germ- I guess I was still hungry last night- I wanted more protein too before bed to help my right leg heal as today was a running rest day and I have a bigger run today.

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