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Monday, January 30, 2012

Run Yesterday- Weights Today

OMG- behind on the blog again- do you all care? lol

I think I have some faithful readers- do I bore you? I think I'm boring- maybe last summer my entries were dramatic- I was going through a mini crisis- that lasted through till October- Thankfully that is passed me now !

I spent the entire day cleaning, painting with my kids and taking care of some stuff.

Then I had my first in class attendance on Campus - I am graduating in May with my AA with liberals Arts Degree with psychology concentration! I've only ever taken online classes but I just couldn't' master an online math class- so I'm at the college and that was uber nerve racking building up to showing up! 26 people- the teacher I think is energetic and great- and so I'm super excited to finally do great in Math and get this degree behind me so I can keep moving forward with my education!

After my 3 LONG hr class where I sat for the entire time- I came home and threw on the running gear and then ran! 4.1 miles by myself an then picked up the benny dog and ran another .6 with him!

energy not there- I had not eaten dinner- I was tired from an entire day already behind me- but it was still a great run paced out comfy at 8:45

buckwheat pancake
green smoothie
veggie burger
1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese

Dinner at 11pm at night- whole wheat tortilla- 2 eggs, 2oz lean ground turkey, 1/2 slice of 2% cheese ^&^ hold the phone^ I had 4 slices of whole wheat toast with natural jam spread--- I guess the long day and the run left me ravenous- happy fueling ;-p


Solid 1hr 45min total body weight session

25lb bicep curls rep 10 x 3 sets
15lbs reverse tricep rep 10x2 sets - my right shoulder couldnt muster another- over train?
assisted pullups rep of 8
tricep dips rep of 8
lateral raises 10lbs rep of 10
140lbs pulldown rep of 4
110lbs pulldown rep of 6
140bls row rep of 6
110lbs rep of 6
15lbs hammer squats rep of 10 x 3 sets
110lbs tricep pulldown rep of 10
120lbs tricep pulldown rep of 10
130lbs tricep pulldown rep of 6
incline bench ab crunching x 30
incline bench ab crunching x 30 with 5lb medicine ball work each oblique
incline bench ab crunching x 30 with a 10lb weight
45lbs bent over row rep of 10 x 2 sets
2 assisted pullups with concentration on my negative2
10lb leg press with concentration each leg after
80lbs quad curls rep of 20- concentration on each quad
60lbs hamstrings
80lbs obliques rep of 10 on each side
20lbs over head hammer curl rep of 10 each arm

Foods Today:
1 cup of cheerio
4oz almond milk
small banana
almond milk
all natural whey protein
slice of whole wheat
tbsp all natural pb
tsp all natural jam
creamy broccoli pasta dinner
popcorn & dark chocolate

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