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Friday, January 6, 2012

Run,Weights&Pull Up Challenge

Took This picture on my Run Today :)
30 min Run
45 min Weights.

Street Run- Crazy Mild NY Winter Day again. High of 50- I'm not complaining- High Fiving Runnerboy for such Mild NY Winter Running! Boom!

Too Bad My body was not loving the run- I just felt heavy again- I felt like I was dehydrated cause I think I was- plus my twins have been sick with a viral- fatigue- tummy bug- labored breathing- and you know what- I have it. I know I do- I feel like I've been run over by a mack truck. I've been napping before bed- I've been tired and headaches and blah, blah, blah.

3.4 miles in my 30 min timed run.
Thought I could come inside to the treadmill and open up a bit so I did some run/walk intervals to see if i could muster past an 8min pace to open up my hips......NOPE.....1/2 mile later I was just WIPED OUT. Been a LONG TIME I have been this depleted. Darn Viral. Such is life.

45min solid in the weight room. Biceps/triceps/abs. No real huge amount of humphs but I was there and I was hitting it solid.

I made a dedication to do pull-ups and my goal is to do at least one full pull up and then 2 and then 5 :)

B: 2 eggs, slice of wheat

Recovery after run before weights- almond milk- natural whey protein

L: 2 cups of fresh spinach, 2 oz grilled chicken, tbsp olive oil dressing

D: 2 naval oranges, 7 oz fresh haddock fillet with my own breading- grilled asparagus, 1/4 cup of home-made cabbage slaw (cabbage/lowfat mayo/pepper)

S: cherrio/dark chocolate
Greek Yogurt/wheat germ

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