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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blog- Changes

Today I was thinking that I'm ready to shift my attention from just daily posts about my normal fitness/foods to weekly updates.

Time in my life is getting harder to come by- so I think it's fair to me to be able to post as I please and stop posting what I eat- anyone that knows or follows me- can see I eat pretty routinely- and not much variation- wholesome foods with general clean eating principles.

My focus is going to be more about sharing what I feel is most important and celebratory for me- and then focus on more purposeful blog posts about helping others more-

more recipes, more inspiration- more tutorials for others :)

Hope you all enjoy more of what to come- I want this blog to be about me- my journey but still be an open book beyond me - for those that need help or encouragement or how to!

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