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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DoubleRun on my 2 yr plus!

So Much to Say !
It was my 2 Year RunI'versary- I was just happy all day long because 2 years ago I dedicated myself to become a runner- and today I ran double and celebrated the Joy of the Passion in my life. I could get all sappy and make this 8 thousand pages long about this incredible run journey of mine- I wrote a post about my 1 year- and I was reading yesterday and I feel the exact same way today! Connected, in love, respecting the run, how it has changed now only my body but my heart and mind. what it does for my anxiety or occasional down feelings in life- how it has become an integral part of who I always wanted to be. Every Since I was little I fantasized about becoming a runner- knowing that when I was 'older' I'd be one. I 'd try when I younger- and had this amazing goal every night as I lay in my bed- to wake up and go for a run at dawn at the elementary school field- just run laps and there were times when I would adventure up to the high school and run laps on the track and just about die and thought I couldn't do it- even though I wanted to. I really wished I had someone that said "you can- go for it- keep going" I really think if I had harnessed running when I was younger - I have NO doubts I'd be an elite right now- I am really serious when I say this. I know even now I am Great Runner and I'm still just scratching away at the surface of who I am as a Runner- with so much more to learn and grow- I know I'm on my Way. I know this last year- blew away my first year- and I Know 2012 is going to be Epic for me- and the year after- even better than this one!! There is one thing I don't really lack in my Running Life and that is Confidence. I have fleeting moments where I question myself and once I do that- I work hard to combat them feelings- they won't get me anywhere - negativity and pessimism has no room in a Runners Heart or Mind- I embrace the Confidence and it exudes from me- I love to share it (even though that self conscious part of me constantly wonders if I annoy people) but I try to remember- this is me- What I do is for me- I am a self seeded- I am incredibly controlling over my own life- I am incredibly self indulgent when it comes to making sure I am taken care of- but there 'this' part of me that gives back- that shares- that helps. I'm not sure people understand the magnitude of how much I give- if you don't, please let me share. For example this week alone- I have had ten private messages going- I have several e-mails with people that I converse with- I have my CCRG page and here and there- and everywhere - I share .....about the journey of running and weight loss- and it's fun and I Love it- but it's become a part time job for me, lol - shortly the flow of being to be respond quickly is going to have slow down- I have some personal goals in my personal life I am working on- so it's going to be interesting to me to see how I balance life here shortly. But that's why I love Running- it will always be my calm- my escape- my release- my freedom- ♥ This past year I experienced moments of huge recognition as I dropped my pace from 10:15 to an 8:15 and that is the respect how far you can go in a little time- how many miles you can run- how hard you can push yourself and even into a breaking point- like I did on my Marathon- it was no coincidence I managed a 4:23 Marathon just months after a 4:50 - not only was it confidence- but it was my heart and my drive to NEVER quit- to dig deeper than I have ever had to dig before- When you Can Run Yourself to a Point of New Dissection - to a New Discovery of Strength and willpower then you are running your heart and soul out. I love that feeling- it's sick and it's real- I take my training runs and I leave them for decompressing my daily life and when it's time for business I keep my focus and I keep running myself forward. So if you read this and you are adventuring into a 5k distance or a half - or the full- just know- we all run the same path- what separates us is our strength and our pace- but let the passion unite us.

4 miles outside - conditions were little rough- cold rain- windy- some ice- and slick - got this done in a comfy 8:45 pace.
Came inside next to RunnerBoy on the treadmill and cranked out a fast mile next to him in 7:30 pace.
Then I hit the weight room where I worked my triceps and abs for a solid 30min- and I was HURTING real good in my arms even before I left the gym room- that was two days in a row where I worked my arms- avoided the biceps but still worked my arms.

This Evening I did a run with the RunningClub
warm up/speed work/cool down for a total of 3 miles in 24 min- this included recovery and this was great pace considering the recovery time! There were seven of us there and the conditions were perfect- cold and windy but dry!

It was a fitting day to have our Local Paper Run a Story about my Success with Weight Loss and Running- Spreading the Word about RunnerBoy and Forming the Running Club and so far we have had about 18 people join our Facebook like page and hopefully we draw interest from them to join us on weekly runs! We plan to implement training runs for local races- implement a couch to 5k program through us and host a small 5k race at the end to celebrate the new runners! I am really excited about my newest adventures with the Running Club this Year and for Years to Come ♥
The NewsPaper Article:

I am also adventuring into Running as my side gig to my Family Photography Business-
I love Running and I love Photography- it only makes sense to me to blend them and hope to create some money for my Running ;-) My Two Faves can support each other!

whole wheat pancake
pure maple syrup
1 slice of low sodium bacon
2 eggs
whey protein
almond milk
greek yogurt
avocado burger on whole wheat

*I tried making another fruit smoothie today- it was alright- I'm just not finding a smoothie I can fall in love with- today I did 1/4 cup plain greek, tbsp of honey, 1 cup of organic berries, 1 cup of almond milk and then eventually added a scoop of whey and still nope- we did drink to not waste it- but yeah- not loving it- it was ok *

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  1. Wow, congratulations on 2+ years of running! You are phenomenal! Thank you for sharing this on The Loop.