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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rest Saturday

Feeling FUNK- yep!

Socially withdrew from social networking on Saturday- irritated with everyone and everything- my emotions were on high- feeling emotional, vulnerable, sad- down- almost odd- not sure what triggeed this spread of emotions- but they were taking ahold.

I planted roots - dis-engaged from outside sources and took care of my peeps- birthday party- home- time with them.

Fitness could of been the answer- I was aching greatly in my lower right leg- typical of the pains I would have in recovery from my knee- when I run- I mechanically have been shfting my lower leg- I had severe shin pains and that's odd for me- I'm definately not wearing my old runners anymore- there would be no cardio for me today! And after 4 days of great work-outs a rest is not a bad thing.

Foods: On target- even though I was feeling emotional- not really hungry either- forced fueling- don't ask what I ate- I barely remember- feeling tired- sluggish - out of sorts- eggs/salad, slice of pizza at the pary, greek yogurt- blah, blah, blah.

What a weird day! Finally felt better after some much needed RunnerBoy Attention xx

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