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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Full Body Weight Routine

Hit the weights- I'd love to say with a normal passion- but I gave up my the ipod shuffle to runnerboy so he could listen to some tunes- my head was way too fuzzy to worry about music- not sure the tunes would of helped- although the gym music playing in the background is not at all bad- normal local radio with decent boom tunes- so it was ok.
Lots and lots, lots of work- about 1.5hrs of weight just imagine that I took a hit on each muscle on my body- it was a full body muscle work-out.
I was running on little sleep- had to take an exam at the college this morning- so ontop of studying and worrying about passing the exam- I was in there having just returned from the college and my head pondered my results.
Anyways- College Starts (again!) today!
whole wheat
almond milke
whole wheat bread with nutella
whole wheat tortilla
greek yogurt with dinner
greek yogurt as snack
eggs on whole wheat torilla
black beans
quacamole mix
diced organic tomato
I was feeling CARB crazy today- maybe just dam hungry- when I'm hungry I eat- all healthy- portion controlled :)

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