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Saturday, January 28, 2012

30min run,abs, S t r e t c h

My Recovery was surprisingly great from the tempo 10 on Wednesday. Yesterday was a rest day in terms of running - I fell behind on my blog posting- I suspect this may just keep happening where I either delay a post by a day or start combining some of them- School Started again for me and my to-do lists with CCRG- this Blog- My Running Club- Emails- private messages- I'm sort of really need to prioritize- I find I have not much time for much either. Which is ok- Life is only going to get busier from now till the end of May! Graduation and Marathon #3 in May!

This will be a recovery week for me- despite going ten which was the longest since Marathon because of my knee tendinitis that I got from Injury. Last week I hit 31 miles and this week 23- I won't run tmrw and as much as I can and want to- My Math Class is in the College this Semester and I'll be gone for the evening- unless I run when I get home? hhmm...if it's not Windy- maybe I will....or maybe not....because I want to spend time with Runnerboy- or maybe I will because he has Monday off anyways.......decisions....decisions......anyways even if I don't run- I'll be mad dashing the castle clean- spending time with the peeps and doing likely an arm/core work-out and maybe throw in some Insanity! (you know the DVD , lol )

Yesterday was a full upper body work-out, foods were normal and on point-

Today- 1/2 mile warm up and then 30 minute timed run for 3.66 in 30 min- I'm not amazed I can run this fast- what I'm amazed is how much easier it's getting and to be more normal without pushing as hard :) Wow- that feels so good to feel and see it.

I worked the medicine ball while in sit up position. lye on the floor and just crunched up center/right/left working the obliques and core till I burned out....maybe at least 2 minutes of crunching.

Did a solid stretch because up until the run I was fine- but after I was TIGHT in my hamstrings. My Menace! My Right ITB into my Hip is tight too. explains the odd 'pings' in my right knee tonight as I just either walk around or stand there. ugh.

Going to Foam Roll again here in a little bit!

organic egg
whole wheat toast
greek yogurt
green smoothie
turkey patty
1 cup of mixed veggies
dark chocolate

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