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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Re-Copy & Paste about my 1 year

I am copy and pasting this from my Facebook Note I made on my 1 year Run'Iversary!

Exactly one year ago today, I looked back at the beginning of my weight loss journey just 6 months before and felt proud of the 45lbs I had lost just by eating healthy and good portion sizes. I knew that I had over 105 pounds to go before I was considered 'normal' weight. I knew at the strike of the new year of 2010 I had to find an activity/cardio exercise I could get excited about. I needed to form an athletic me to support a healthier me. I watched Don journey into running. OH he drove me NUTS talking about Running. I watched him get caught up in spirit of the sport. I was admired by his new found addiction. Although, truth be told my husband has an addictive personality. He could become instantaneously inspired by almost anything intriguing to him. I actually felt a little jealous of his running. I started to wish I could find something to be that passionate about. Especially considering the results of his weight loss. He lost over 80lbs in just 6 months and the weight just melted off of him. I knew I could never compare to his metabolism, or his internal push factor.When people talk about being inspired, I never fully understood the concept. I’m not going to lie. I have never been inspired to know what it meant. However, I felt inspired by Don and through time I learned exactly what the term means to me. To be inspired means to see somebody do something that leaves you compelled to want to do the same. The want and the process of ‘doing’ it are two different things to me. I feel honored when someone might say that I inspire them. But I want them = YOU? To do something with that inspiration. The first direction in change is the acknowledgement that you want it. Then you have to make a plan to do it. - So I was inspired by his new found love for the sport, so I chose to purposely give ‘Running’ a try. I set out to the Ymca to run my first 3.1 miles. I could only run for about 20 seconds, forced to walk because my heart was going to explode out my chest, my breathing felt like I was going to die, my lungs burned. But I kept this run/walk routine for the entire 5k. I ran that first 5k in 49 minutes for a pace of 15:48.After each run I would gain confidence in my ability to run longer and longer. I remember all my milestones. I remember reaching the ability to hit ¼ mile without walking, then ½ mile then a 1 mile, 1.5 then 2 and then 3.1~! I would come home from the run just always so proud of my progress. I never stopped hurting for me. It was always incredibly difficult. The breathing never got easier in the beginning months, my aching joints from lugging around all the excess weight always left me sore and truth be told….a little worrisome that I could really hurt myself. There were always moments when I would be running at the gym on the treadmill and felt unworthy to be on the machine next to all these normal fit runners. I felt out of place, I felt too fat to run and it was all the mind games of self and my perceptions that also needed to change through the journey of running. I was after-all constantly losing weight and starting to feel confident about myself in many more ways other than running longer.So I decided with just a base of 3.1 miles that since my husband decided he would run a Marathon, that I thought “why not” I’m training for a half! I spent the entire summer of this past year running and training. I cried a lot. I was proud a lot. I had some doubts, I did some mental growing, some emotional battling, but with each step and run I grew strength. In September I ran that half marathon and hit my time goal of under 2:30. My first ever Race and I certainly learned a lot. Like pacing myself, don’t drink Gatorade, Don’t cry in the middle of running (you’ll get cramps) lol.Then I did my first 5k just a month later! That too was a learning experience. I ran that in 30:31. Subsequently I ran 3 more 5k’s with a PR of 27:50. I’m really learning to let go of my inhibitions when I run, learning to let go of the fears. It’s much like life right?So here I am, one Year later. Proud of who I am and how far I’ve come in the sport. Totally surprised at my new addiction. I start reflecting on What Running has done for me and what it offers my heart and soul. It is after all such a personal sport. There is no Team, you are the only person that you have to worry about letting down. For me, I find freedom, liberation, excitement, pride, my ability to be one with nature, a feel good feeling that my body can actually do something correctly, builds up strength/courage, letting my guard down to show vulnerability- not only to myself but for those around me.Most you all know that I’m finishing up week 2 of Marathon Training. Just 16 more weeks go! I’m really excited about this coming Year. I look forward to growing stronger as a Runner, Wife, Mother.A special shout out to all my New Running Friends- I found most you all early last Summer and it was really was great and inspiring to watch you all journey through your training and Races. It’s been exciting, Fun, Hell even FUNNY! Many of you are just incredibly supportive, others are incredibly humorous, others are just there to offer support. I know I’ve done the same for you, it’s incredibly reciprocal which is what I love most about the group! Thanks for accepting me into the group and making me feel like I have a running family I can turn to talk to about stuff. Gosh knows I know my real life friends and family support me but they probably don’t want to hear about each run! ******************* 733 Miles This Year ****************************2011 Running Goal- 1200!

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