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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Speed Interval Training & Biceps

Today was Speed Work and a hit at the arms!

1 mile warm up - 8:20 pace

1 mile 30/60/90 Interval Sprints- Warm up for 2 minutes on base pace- 8:20 then for 30 seconds sprint- then recovery- sprint for 60 seconds- recovery- sprint for 90 seconds recovery- Recovery Pace is the 8:20 base pace

Repeat Mile 2 with same speed intervals

1 mile cool down - 8:30 pace

It's nice to hit 6:58 pace and hold it for 90 seconds and feeling like I could go longer - great feeling to hit that pace and still kick it up a notch to an 8.7 on the tready to finish out the run!!

Between each mile- I did arm work for 5 minutes- biceps/triceps and 2 sets of ab crunches and one hit at the cybex machine to work the obliques.

I was surprised I was able to work-out today- my guts had me up a couple of times last night with that tummy bug. I didn't think I'd hold up today on my run/workout.

Between the Run & Weights- I did 1hr 20 min work-out today!


2 slices of Wheat Toast: 120 cals
tsp of Whipped Natural Balance spread- 20
Tsp of natural jam- 15
coffee- 60

4oz almond milk - 30 cals
protein powder- 100 cals
grilled chicken snack wrap- no cheese, extra lettuce- 200 cals
1 Nugget- 25cals
few fries- 30 cals- totally hate fries- but love the salt- hot salt! maybe I should lick them? lmao!
small bit of the kids burger- 40 cals

S: Greek Yogurt - 140 cals

1/2 cup of broccoli- 35 cals
chicken avocado sandwich- 450 cals
small whole wheat pancake- 100
syrup- 30
coffee- 150

Organic Corn Chips- 140 cals
Cheese sauce- non fat- 40cals

Calorie Total: 1735 - I guess I was making up for not eating yesterday- I ate what I normally would eat and found myself tapping at my kids food! Listening to the body- tricky thing-

I was out of the house- the ENTIRE day- So considering my choices for not being home - then I did boomtastic!

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