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Friday, December 16, 2011

3rd Day of Christmas Fitness

On the 3rd Day of Christmas Fitness, my one true love gave to me: Yoga :)
1 full hour of great body opening stretching - I am so LOVING Yoga Lately, it's nourishing my body- opening me up- giving me flexibility. The calm surreal feeling in the class- eases my often rapidly thinking mind. I am going to keep embracing Yoga- hoping it to make Yoga I do at least once a week :)
Do you Yoga?
Will you try it? I definitely hope you say- yes!
I spent the entire day out of the house- shopping- dining out both lunch/dinner. I was on my feet all day- and I'm glad I didn't do any cardio today- my body's 1 hour stretch was enough fitness to keep me insatiable fitness appetite happy!
RunnerBoy Shopping is DONE!
He don't read this- so I'll share ;-p
•Under Armor Compression top - kind of super cool design- my son picked it out-
•Nike Compression boxer briefs for under his running shorts- he has 2 pair but why not 3? lol
•LED Head Lamp for running outside- which I will confess he got TODAY- cause he was going to go buy one tonight ;- / Dang Runnerboy so much for CHRISTMAS DAY! OMG! LOL
• Slippers - that I'll likely CLAIM - like I have for the last 16 years- then he gets stuck wearing my cute pink fuzzy ones- bwahahaha!
•Nike Weight Lifting Gloves- I love a man that works HARD but I like soft hands on this body ;-p
Then tonight- by myself for 3 hours I got my 3 peeps done! Well- I decided I may buy my little daughter another doll or something- she is so hard to shop for and I fell a little short with comparable presents, kwim? so I'll buy her something sweet :)
Waffle- yes shoot me now- I had a dam waffle- dam Eggo' - 100 cals
Post Yoga- Organic Apple
Grilled chicken snack wrap- no cheese- extra lettuce-
D:Chili's with the family
Grilled Chicken on Whole Wheat- no fat honey mustard dressing- but I did get the swiss and some bacon on top- I didn't mind the calorie up for that today.
Steamed Broccoli
After hrs of shopping:
10 almond milk
Jillian Michaels all natural protein powder
4 oz of almond milk
3/4 cup of Mom's Best Cinnamon Swirl Cereal- if you get a chance to find this at Wal-mart - please do! it's only 1.88 per box- all natural ingredients and very eco- friendly too! I love feeding my kids a healthy cereal and this is one of them.

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