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Friday, December 2, 2011

Insanity Day #3

Went to the Gym this Morning. A friend had the best of intentions of wanting to do Insanity with me, but she had to decline and lift instead. Which was fine- I was going to OPT out of doing it alone in the Boxing room-but SHOOT....Why? I turned on the lights, plugged in my Laptop and I was in front of the full Wall of mirrors which was AMAZING to check myself out, bwahahahaha!!!!! Yeah, Thanks ---- feed my Ego- Well....Ok that and it allows to me watch very closely my form. Realize that I can butt kick more and do knee jumps higher etc.
I had amazing sweat dripping all over the dirty boxing mats today!!

I was done after that- my ARMS are Toast- I hurt in more ways than I can understand and as I blog this tonight- even if I cardio wise dared another hit of repeat of Insanity Day #3- I couldn't' because the arm fatigue has certainly set in. an OMG sore that I just secretly love ;-)

Organic Egg
Slice of Wheat
Spat of healthy spread
2 slices of low sodium bacon

L: @ McDonalds
Grilled chicken Snack Wrap- No Cheese- Extra Lettuce
Coffee- sugar/creamer

S: 1/2 cup grapes 1/2 apple

Fish Fillet *no bread*
Few bites of cabbage slaw
about 6 scallops
tartar- 1 tblsp

Greek Yogurt wheat germ

Calories: 1400 my new max

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