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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NewBie Chronicles-blog check up

I definitely noticed where I have slacked lately with blogging- with my reflection I see that I need to keep posting more about helping others and teaching anyone that reads here not just what I eat and exercise in a day- sure that can offer up some ideas on how I managed to lose my weight and keep it off- but it has to be more than that- it has to be the other behind the scenes information- or more information on how to help out the new runner- or the over weight runner- and more recipes and tips on eating and stuff. I've already posted a lot in the last 5 months but I want to keep it going- surely the amount of things for all of us to learn is endless!

So I'm going to make goals for 2012 with my blog and I they are going to be around commitments to blogging more specific blog posts to help out with running and weight loss and healthy food choices :)

Do you have Any ideas on what you like for me to share?

I know I have some faithful readers out there- What drives you here to read- ?

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