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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

9th Day of Christmas Fitness

On the 9th Day of Christmas Fitness My true love gave to me: Weight Session

50 minutes weight session-


over and over and over again- :) Hurt so Good

65lbs Weight Bench - 3 sets- felt good the last 2 sets toward the end of the reps of 10 I was feeling the push- I realize how weak I am in this new endeavor- I'm eager to one day bench my weight - Really? Maybe I should tag this post! lol

My arms were so dead today after the weight session -

Tips: Want to Bench but need a spotter? Try to see if your Gym has a machine where you can bench without a spotter- the machine I use is on a pulley system with a spring at the bottom so that if your drop the weights or can't push back up it lands on the springs and not you! I like that!

Keen to throw a bit more weights on my Row and pulldown today- till about the 8th Rep in I realize I couldn't pull it down anymore- lol - not ready yet for a climb in weights on some exercises yet.


Whole wheat Toast slice
tsp jam

Recovery: ****** resisted the holiday food buffet at the gym today- stocked with JUNK- YEP! My twins had a grand time snacking away - I behaved* Then we went to the Library for Story time where I was offered cookies again- nope- I didn't take them or even think about it ;)
•2 tangerines

pbj sandwich- 2 slices of whole wheat, tbsp of all natural pb, tsp of natural jam
organic apple

BuckWheat Pankcakes with flax seed
Pure maple syrup

Greek Yogurt
Wheat Germ

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