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Thursday, December 29, 2011

4 Miler

Today I spent the Morning with my kids- so Nice to not have to rise up and rush 3 kids ready in an hour along with myself- foods/dressed/hygiene- and out the door in speedy fashion.

I made BuckWheat Pancakes this morning. I blog alot about how I eat well- and if you know me at all by now you know my kids eat what we do- and they get the extra naughty and not so healthy foods pretty often- actually- more so than I would like- I find a struggle with balance- most foods are incredibly healthy snacks for my kids. I choose ones that still don't have hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup and I always divvy the extra money to buy quality snack goods- but someones that Orea Cookies pass through the conveyor belt and the kids get indulgent. To which I have NO problems with Oreas- but RunnerBoy says to me yesterday " you know- buying my Oreos and leaving them on the counter- is like me buying Keebler FudgStucks and leaving them out for you" Oh he is SO RIGHT- I could DESTROY a box of Fudgesticks. That was an ole'time fatty favorite of mine- I'd put the box into the freezer and I'd have frozen fudgsticks, hahahaha! OmG I could have it gone in 1 day easy most times! So old fat me always bought two to keep in there! oh my god! why am I not railing thin now? cause I just don't eat like that anymore- but maybe losing 150lbs I am railing thing compared to where I was!

Ok so anyways.

Take a package of $3.50 BuckWheat Dry Pancake Mix- all natural- add some Ground FlaxSeed and some dash of Cinnamon and pinch of sugar and Wa'la' my kids have some home-made pancakes and I make up a huge serving and I freeze the extras. That 3/4 package of dry mix made 4 breakfasts and this mornings- with some left over in the pantry for a fresh batch another day. Now I'm doing this because I'm trying to stay away from the purchased Eggo Waffles I've been buying the kids- they are on contrary not all that processed to what one might believe. but I know either way- I could both save money and go even healthier for my kids. That bulk box would cost me $4.69 and I would only get exactly what I froze today. So I saved money, went more natural and added some extra nutrients with the flax seed - still whole grain and good :)

Sat around- cleaned up the castle a bit- showered up- even though I was going for a run- ever have one of those days when you just feel dirty-although just last night I had showered- so yeah, nice hot shower to warm my bones and then wash up the oldest daughter and get her ready for a girl scout daisy play date.

Then off for my 4 miles when runnerboy got home.

4 miles in 33min and some change left me 8:22 pace. Felt comfortable- but still felt like I was pushing a little bit more than I wanted for this pace- but that's ok - I'm still a work in progress on trying to make this 8:20 my new training pace for my upcoming 1/2 and full Marathon- We shall see - it's one thing to hold it for upward of 4-6 but when you start talking about double/triple/quadruple that- yeah it's HARD on the body and the energy systems- I have a LOT of training to do!

My knee feels 'pressure' after yesterday and certainly today. No pain- but still the akward - stiff/tight feelings. Humph.

Breakfast- I was so TRYING to avoid NOT eating the car breakfast that CALLED my name - so I ate 2 organic eggs and slice of wheat - but NOPE_ I ate some pancakes- like crazy! omg! they were so good and honestly I was hungry- so why not!
eggs: 150
toast- 60
pancakes- 200
syrup- 120
Coffee- 70 (2 cups)

Lunch: Ok so I"M NOT HUNGRY- Um Hello did you see what I ate ↑ lol
whey protein - 100
almond milk- 80

5 cheese tortellini- 280
grated parm- 20
organic fresh spring mix-20
fat free Italian dressing-20
Greek yogurt-140
wheat germ - 20

Calories: 1280 - I am feeling hungry tonight though. Like Physically hungry!

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