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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Exercise Induced Asthma

I suffered Greatly with Exercise Induced Asthma from the really cold weather run from the fast 5k. The Speed Toppled with the cold set my lungs into some pretty severe inflammation. I reported that race evening with some congestion and secretions in the lungs. It's a lot like I'm suffering from Bronchitis. I have talked to my Doctor about this in the past and he confirms it's exercise induced asthma- prescribed me an inhaler. Sure that has expired and been thrown out- reminds me to get another prescription.

If you want more information and you think you might suffer from it- then please check out this link. Difficulty catching your breathing after your run for an extended period of time- inflammation that causes Wheezing, secretions in the lungs can all aim at EIA.

I spent the entire day recovering from the Race- My left foot incredibly sore along the top and along my arch- much like where I suffered my soft tissue damage during my spring marathon training- ugh!

My quads were achey- I love that feeling!

But my breathing was bad with huge inhales - I crackled and hacked up lots of lung pleghm. YUCKY!

So it was an un-expected rest day!

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