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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Severely Sick

I woke at 5am severely sick. What had started as an incredibly painful sinus headache around my left eye left me vulnerable and nauseous. I began to dry heave and since my guts were empty I started vomiting and the only thing that could come up with bile. OMG. Not many people experience such problems. I have however have had a scope before just months after I starting my journey into losing weight and getting healthy. I suffered severe reflux that would pour into my lungs as I slept at night. Well my GallBladder was not functioning properly either. I had a scope test and I was diagnosed with a weak spinchter muscle from the small intestine back into my stomach. So where as most people might suffer normal acid reflux I can also suffer from bile reflux. Certainly losing all my weight and taking that pressure of all that abdominal fat has helped me considerably and I rarely have problems with reflux disease anymore. However the bile reflux and even the reflux will never fully go away if the damage has been done to the spinchter muscle has been weakened, then it is what is is.
Let's just say I spent the ENTIRE day on the couch. My sinus/eye pain was almost intolerable and I had to somehow keep my ears open for my children as I tried to sleep this one away. My husband, I was so excited to see him 9 hrs later, after enduring an entire day of watching the kids and vomiting relentlessly all day. It was very difficult on me.
Tonight I was managed to keep down some soup. Then I was feeling so much better as I was able to keep down some pain relief. Then I showered and took off to the store where I bought some Sierra Mist All Natural soda to help the tummy. and to treat myself for being on deaths door *YES!! TREAT* I made some all natural chocolate chip cookies AND I am having some Dark Chocolate with Cherries. Yep, I am :) It was a BAD Day and I'm feeling better and I want some fuel and I have to be honest, I do not want dairy as I'm pretty much lactose intolerant I simply didn't want to do that to my tummy. Then I don't want meat, I don't want nothing but sugar :)
One of the Best things about being sick is feeling better. With that, I take the opportunity to never take my Great Life For Granted. I take such an insight and appreciation into all the Glory of Everything Wonderful in this Life. I was dead to the world for 16 hrs today. I was non-functional and with all technicality I lost a half a day. This invigorates me to smash out a Killer Week in the Gym with Cardio & Strength Training and keep my Nutrition into high gear so I can fully recover and get even Healthier :)
When You are Sick- How long does it take for you to recover? I find most times even when I'm 50-75% of my way back - I'm eager and itching for normalcy and start kicking it out!

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