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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


YEP!! You read that title right!! 6 miles my friends and I can't be any more excited to share this and talk to you all - about it!
I muffled around the house today- I wanted to bake cookies (healthy version of something yummy of course) but knowing my Doctors appt on January 4th (oh some of you don't know about this yet...details and surprises later about that!) but I decided to hang back and chill have bouts of anxiety as I didn't get my morning exercise in, didn't bake like I normally do on an 'off occasion' and cleaned and then read my RunnersWorld Magazine (well half way!!) when it came in the mail today- it's a pretty good one!
Runnerboy comes home and tells me to go Run. It's COLD, it's getting dark, it's RAINING and so cold now that the sun (which was hidden behind clouds all day) has now began to turn to snow! But I was eager. Eager to see how I would feel after Monday's 4 miler, yesterday sprints/hill work and boy was I ever surprised!
My first mile was 8min mile. Cut through my lungs like a razor. That cold air is BRUTAL on lungs that have not seen the likes of freezing weather since March! I was Glad no matter my distance to be in it, preparing my lungs for the brutal burn of Saturdays weather when I run my 5k. The weather about the same as today, so what a great prep!
I stopped and stretched. quads/hamstring and then ventured off.
I stopped 2x more in this run, just briefly and only cause I was already at stop lights and would stretch instead of standing there anyways!
Oh I loved the snow falling on my face, I loved my everythings getting cold. I loved the air rushing through my lungs. I loved the idea that with each minute that passed me by, I felt even more alive and aware. I was so happy, my wings were opening up and I felt like it was all just making so much sense to me. I almost cried when I hit mile 5 and knew I was going for 6.
There was a point in which the wood burning fire place of a house, snapped me out of my runners high and made me feel alive in all the ways that I love when I'm outside. A smell that just bring back all the wonderful NY Winter Life as a Child as we had a wood burning fireplace and I remember snuggling up to the wood stove (oh I even remember stacking chords of wood as a younging too) I looked around, smiled in my heart *maybe even on my face* and I looked at all the Christmas lights and actually said to myself "this is so much fun" !!! and then I made my conclusion. Today is my FUN RUN!! Take in the smells, the Christmas lights, the snow and make this my fun run........because Saturday- I'm crushing asphalt, I'm going to destroy myself on the course on Saturday, I'm going to run so dam hard it hurts, to the point where I'll be begging myself to slow down, so hard that surely my legs won't be able to keep up with the desire and yearning in my heart to dig deeper than I ever have before on a 5k. So Saturday as much as it's festive, it's going to be way more than that for me. It's symbolic, it's a point of reflection that here I sit for 8 weeks not being able to get up past 3 miles and on some given days just 1-2 was tough on the knee. But I held true and I was patient and it's paying off.
I look back to my training calendar and whats best is that I thought the idea that I'm stretching more and started insanity that maybe that's whats helped me make the turning point....but honestly you know what I really think it was- TAKING MY FIRST FULL 3 DAYS OFF from any sort of running since after Marathon....omg!! I had NO idea that I have not taken more than 3 days off since my injury. So what I have been thinking the last week is doing going to get me over this injury hump. After this race, I was not going to run for a while, I set no date, I was just going to dive into everything else, knowing my running season and year is almost over. I want to fully recover and get over this injury as the start to Spring Marathon Training starts at the end of January and I really want to be fully recovered and rested!!
OH and I did have to pay attention to my stride and I was working on my mechanics and did what I had to do, there was no intense pains, some aches, some pulsing from the knee but nothing that told me stop (cause you know I would have) and the other perk is that this was an un-medicated run, I have not taken pain meds for inflammation in days :)
This was my last run till Saturday Evening!!
Other fitness:
Decided to test how many situps in 1 minute- 33
then I did 15 pushups without stopping
then plank test- how long can I hold a lower plank- 2min 30 seconds and had to fall, my arms ironically were screaming burning pain-
Organig Egg
1/4 cup egg white
2 slices of low sodium bacon
Coffee , tsp sugar, 2tbsp fat free half in half
1/2 cup (130 grams) rinsed black beans
1/2 whole wheat tortilla wrap
1 tbsp of organic bbq sauce
1/2 slice of 2% cheese melted in the other half of the 1/2 whole wheat tortilla wrap
2 more cups of coffee *so bad I know..... I had so much anxiety- now I know why, lmao* or maybe cause I wanted/needed to work-out :)
1/2 banana
veggie burger
4 breaded all natural nuggets
tbsp organic ketchup
1/2 cup squash- grilled
Greek yogurt with wheat germ
Oh and Tmrw is my last official weigh in till January 1st :) I decided to give myself another 2 days to toss my menstrual weight, lol

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