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Saturday, December 17, 2011

5th Day of Christmas Fitness-

On the 5th day of Christmas fitness, My True love gave to me: 9.3 Mile Run :)

If you read yesterdays blog- I mentioned that I did NOT do Insanity - I am have been contemplating my ability to do this program now that I'm recovering more from my knee tendinitis. My Focus was on weight lifting and and cross training- but I'm finding that now that I'm getting my Running Wings Back- that I can't do it all- there is simply not enough of me to do that. Sure I consider myself an Athlete Now and a Fitness Freak- but to what extent do I push myself without leaving room in my Life for Balance and for a Healthy Body- I can't over-extend myself physically all the time. There needs to be days where I'm not working out for 2-3 hrs- I need those calmer 1 hr work-outs etc.

With that said- I planned out my Long run- New I had 4 miles a couple of times- went and did 6 miles just over ten days ago- that was a 55min run- knew then I could have gone more-So I aimed for 80minutes today- which I knew in the back of my head is really a big step. But I sort of knew I could do it. I sorta was hopeful for the knee- I felt like I'm recovering so quickly now that I could really push for the time-

I set off about 11:15am- after having eaten buckwheat pancakes with pure maple syrup has my fuel for the morning- YUM! 2 cups of Mojo and I was ready!

I geared up nicely as this was the coldest run I've done since last winter- been a long time!

I didn't know my route but as I ran I just decided to keep my head focused with little city street running disturbance as possible.

40 min out- 40 min back.

40 min out- I crossed the road- stopped the watch - and took in some deep stretches of the quads/calves/ITB

Knee stiff acting just after the 5 mile mark. No Pain- some lower leg- below the knee ache - but again- no pain- I just pushed through and listened to my body.

I was feeling afraid- I was wondering IF my Knee was going to scream- when it acted super stiff again- about 7 miles in- I stopped the watch and took in another minute of right leg stretches!

I knew that I could hit just over 9 miles at the pace I was doing- so I thought how cool would it be to hit my Goal of 80 minutes with a 15k? Yep and that's what I did! Just in the nick of time too- 1:20:55 for 8:42 Pace- I can really feel the lack of cardio affect on my running- I ran some feeling like my body was looking for juice- I hope it finds some of the belly fat cells, lmao.

I suffered pretty severely too from Frostbite. It was on my upper thighs- maybe I should of wore another layer on top of my cold gear pants. I wear my Nike Dry tech tank- with built in bra-layer 8 long sleeve- my compression pants over the belly and my wind breaker- and still managed to get severe frost bite on my lower belly. It's the extra skin- it lacks circulation- and with all people that run in the cold- the body pulls heat away from the surface of the skin- concentrates it onto the core to keep the organs safe- so in doing that- every ones toes/fingers get coldest first, etc. Well- my Belly burned, itched and the skin as it trys to warm hardens on me- and it HURTS! It did it last winter- I feel fine when I'm running- and I'm never really that cold either when I run- so when I think I'm going to get away from not getting it- I'm mistaken. I took lots of pictures of it- to share with my doctor. Reasons to get my Tummy Tuck!!


2 BuckWheat Pancakes
2 tbsp Pure Maple Syrup
Co fee - 2 cups!

L & Recovery:
Greek Yogurt
Hot Chocolate- *My Princess' Idea-Wow what a treat after such a cold run*

Poultry Sausage Link
onions/peppers stir fried in olive oil spritz
Lite hot dog roll for the sausage link
1/2 cup of Cous Cous
1 Cup of Steamed Broccoli

oz- Mixed Nuts
1 Greek Yogurt
2 tbsp Wheat Germ

After my Grocery Shopping Trip I was feeling Hungry
100 calorie English Muffin- Triple Health
tsp of natural jam

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