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Thursday, December 8, 2011

1 1/2 hr Solid Weight Session

I hit up the Weights today in Hardcore Fashion!

Biceps, Triceps, sit ups , pull downs- Cybe Equipment with obliques, lower back, row, pull downs, bench dips, lateral raises, butterflys, abs, .........................................

OMG....I could go on and on.......I ripped it hard core in the gym today!! set after set after set!

Still working on transitioning to 25lb bicep curls - I can do a first set of ten on each arm and then backing it down to an easy 20lbs.

I spent No Kidding about 1.5hrs in the weight room today :) Might have been the longest Muscle Only Routine I've done! it's amazing how much time can go by and I try to work only my arms/abs and I can kill that much time in the gym!

Feeling great tonight too :)


1/2 cup of coffee- tried it with honey and almond today- ack!

Lunch & Recovery- Jillian Michaels Protein Shake with 8 oz almond milk
1/2 apple

S: Greek Yogurt- Wheat Germ

Chinese Meal with my family to celebrate birthdays with tons of brothers/sisters/nephews- how do you eat out healthy chinese at a buffet? Um, you really don't! lol- at this point it's all portion control and for me- I steer from carbs and avoid fried foods. I don't have after bloat so I did ok! Not healthy - so much- but I did have broccoli on my plate, lol. OMG_ it's been A LONG TIME since I've been at a chinese buffet- and now I know why - !

Scale Reading- Last till January 1st! Today I took my final scale reading as I put the scale away for the next several weeks- just challenging myself more to overcome any night time munching and work on the notion that I live my life on how I feel and eating great and gaining more lean muscle.

Today I was 159.5 :) See you Scale in just over 3 weeks!

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