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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Run Hill Repeats

If you have a base of at least 6-8 weeks of running- you can try your first attempts at hill repeats.

Warm-up- Try to do a ten minute warm- up run- this will warm up the body- get the blood flowing to your leg muscles and ready to use those muscles!

Find that Hill- Find it long or steep or maybe both! You'll want to run up the hill fast and then recover slowly on the way down- I love the idea that you are simply doing them- no matter your pace- just working those muscles is going to make you stronger! I would rather you go up them at a comfortable- yet digging pace and sustain the hill repeats longer then burn yourself up for half a work-out.

If you go for longer steep hills- then slow the pace down

If you go for shorter steep hills- then pack that run with a huge pump of power and bust it out! You'll love the thrill of getting to the top so quickly!

Aim for 2 -3 repeats of for your first time- and as you gain strength and endurance you can run as many as you can tolerate!

Remember to breathe deeply and work on avoiding side stitches which can happen quickly but taking to many shallow breaths. Breathe deep when you remember and arch your back our with a huge yawn like stretch if you get that side stitch. Hopefully you are breathing deep and this won't happen to you!

Now Once You Reach the Top- CELEBRATE!! HAHAHA! YES! YOU DID IT!
Turn-around and go comfortable and slow and recover, relax and celebrate the victory of reaching the top!

Once You are done- you'll want to recover with another cool down run- I suggest trying to open up your range of motion a little bit with a bit of a speed sprint in there too- just to flex out the muscles while they are warm! Just make sure you slow back down and enjoy your calm ending!

Celebrate- Doing Hill Repeats is Awesome- !!


• Don't look at your feet- look about 10-20 feet ahead of you

• Push Yourself but be mindful of keeping your form and avoid getting sloppy

• Let your arms swing back and forth and not side to side to help push you up the hill- but be mindful - don't put to much energy into your upper body- power through your hips/legs to get up that hill

• avoid hunching over too much- lean in toward the climb but don't hunch and try to keep your spine straight!

• try diversifying your hills- find different hills and keep the legs stimulated! Your Mind too!

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