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Friday, December 23, 2011

11th Day of Christmas Fitness

On the 11th Day of Christmas Fitness, My true Love Gave to Me: Insanity Work-out, Row & Run

Gym First thing this Morning- Insanity Video- Dripping all over the Karate Room Floor Mats! Yeah- Great 40minutes!

Onto the Rower for 5min

abdominal for 90lbs push x 20

obliques 70lbs each side x 10

Moderate Mile- Averaged at 8:20 Pace- Started a light run and progressed my speed- None to happy by the last minute of the run- my right knee and lower right leg started to act up- haven't felt anything in a while- so None to happy.

All day long subsequently I feel 'compromised' in the knee/right leg and with pretty consistent quad aches - I feel I've been lacking my stretching and I've been wearing the same shoes I wore on Marathon - Although my trusty shoes (Nike Triax 13's) I've worn this brand for 2 years- these are not the same as my black ones- which I trained alot in for the marathon- same style shoe with the support but a bit tighter feel in the upper because of the trail feature which is Gortex. So I'm begin to wonder if it's that shoe that's not helping me? Hhhmm! I know the black shoes have hundreds of miles on them- these newer white ones probably only a 100 - same shoe- different body upper material-


Organic Egg over Toast

slice of whole wheat
tsp of natural jam
tbsp of all natural pb

Chicken breast
2 cups of fresh spinach leaves
tbsp of ranch dressing-all natural
stole a couple of the kids tater tots and 2 nuggets (oh they are my FAVE!)

Snack: Oh we made Sugar Cookies for Santa- I had to sample them :) Nothing Crazy :)

Protein shake- almond milk- all natural protein

Greek Yogurt

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