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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

7th Day of Christmas Fitness

On the 7th Day of Christmas Fitness, My True Love Gave to me: Run & Weights

Mile 1- walk warm up- interplay on speed laddering my speed from slow to fast- I managed an 8:20 mile

Biceps- 25lbs set


set of 20 inclined ab crunches

Mile 2 - Steady 8 min mile

Biceps- 20lb set till burn-out

abs on the incline bench

Mile 3- Interplay with speed and averaged about 7:40 Pace

Biceps- 20lb set till burn-out
lateral raises

abs on the incline bench

110lbs lower back

90lbs ab push on the cybex machine

This was an hour 40min work-out.


B:Egg over toast

L: Lite Sub Roll
ham slice/turkey slice
tsp of lowfat mayo
spinach leaves
guacamole to dip it in - yum!


Roasted Cauliflower
Turkey Burger on Whole Wheat Bread with crust cut off
organic ketchup
lowfat mayo

2nd dinner? OMG- shoot me!
1/2 of a 100 cal english muffin with natural jam
1/2 cup of life cereal with 4oz almond milk
1/2 cup of almond milk
tsp of hershey chocolate dry chocolate mix- craving chocolate milk? I know why- I am out of my triple chocolate protein shake- Walmart- has not had any in a week- I'm so missing my extra protein - I love those shakes- a great chocolate treat, lol

Dark Chocolate
air popped popcorn

I am feeling so Super tired today- I am hydrated- but I'm going carb crazy- my hormones are making me feel lethargic and utterly hormonal's mid month....and when I push on my lower belly- my right ovary is sore. Dam you PCOS!
I actually slept mid- day and I don't do such things- like ever- but I'm just that dam out of it right now- my mood is solemn- hence the 2 day back log on this blog- I'm just in 'it' right now with anything- I hope this passes quickly- it's messing with my Mojo- glad I'm not weighing myself- typically in these hormonal flux' I'm good for a gain on the scale- now it's irrelevant what it reads- I keep on with my lifestyle- try to curb the carb cravings and (cough- hence my 2nd meal consisting of ALL CARBS ;/ BLAH ) Thankfully it was just under 300 calorie healthy splurge.....

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