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Monday, December 26, 2011

Need Running Motivation


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When I am asked what drives my Motivation to Run- I have plenty of answers. Each answer came to me at different points in my Running Life.

If you were fueled by your goals and if that was to run a 5k or your first race of any distance- once you hit a goal- more often than not you could very well feel a sadness or a loss of direction on where to take your running. Many runners refer to post pardon racing blues. PPRB- it’s Real- ok even if the Running World just makes it up- or maybe I’m making it up - Maybe an acronym that can go down in Running World History?

What I find has worked for me or for Running Friends when the Mojo (Motivation ) seems Gone.

  •  Create a New Running Goal-
  •  Find a new pace to train at-sometimes that challenge can push your runs
  • Find a new race to train for-start scoping out for more local races to sign up for
  •  Find Your Running weakness and work on strengthening it ( hill, speed drills, distance)
  •  Create reasonable weekly mileage goal
  • create a new run streak goal
  •  find a new route to run
  • find someone you can inspire and run for them
  • change the time of day you run.
  • avoid extreme weather conditions sometimes the extreme heat or cold can make you want to put off your running
  • stop chasing time goals
  • start chasing a friend, sometimes running with someone faster will help
  • or stop running with faster people, sometimes if all you do is run fast it can zap your mental and physical strength to constantly feel 'inadequate' to others

• Minimize Your Mileage- So maybe you are feeling the Burn-out. You hit Your Goals- You are so Proud- but you feel no desire to run- Back off the weekly mileage- Don’t Punish yourself for how your body and mind feels. What’s the use? If you dread that you will never run again- then that is just negative thinking and that simply will get you No-Place. Take time off (however much you feel you need or can handle) and make no pre-conceptions- don’t allow them to happen because you may in-evitable set yourself up to fail with them. Reward the freedom from Not running when you feel it has pressured you that much. I want you to set a goal though- I will not run for …. “xx” Days and then I will go on my Return run on …. “date” ….

• Strength Training- While you minimize your running- work on building up your quads and glutes. When you Return to Running or pick back up the mileage the extra strength may help with endurance and recovery and reducing the risk of injury

• Cross train- Find things in the Gym that can replace Running for you but still provide you with the cardio you need to maintain your fitness: Elliptical is a machine that can mimic a runners stride and I have found is key on working on turn-over (if you work at it) great for when you are injured as well. Cycling is a great cardio and quad burn that can your fitness on key. Try some swimming, water running.

• Find a Friend to Run with - Running Friends can keep you accountable- they can offer you someone to talk to and more often than not- you won’t really remember running at all and will likely feel like you just had a fun time spent together!

• Find a local running club and start running with new people to spice up your running life- they can challenge you- provide group runs to help you feel accountable

• Music - maybe throw on some tunes that always seem to pump you up!

• Running Videos- I love to throw on Running Videos on the YouTube to get my MoJo Flowing

• Nutrition- Be sure you are on point with your nutrition. Pay close attention if you have been hydrating enough - if you have been fueling yourself enough. Protein is Key for Cell repair and Growth. Carbohydrates

•How’s your Recovery: Do you find that you are so sore from your running that you are too scared to run again? Perhaps then it’s time to re-evaluate your recovery practices and sort out if you may be over-training-


• Reward Yourself- I’m not talking about splurging on ill food- I’m talking reward yourself with a spa treatment, a massage- a pedicure- some gift to yourself that will both rejuvenate you and keep you inspired and running toward your goals

•Positive Thinking- Be sure that you are avoiding negative self talk- it’s one notion to listen to your body and to determine if you are feeling fatigue or soreness- it’s an entire new mental ball game when your body feels fine and you are just mentally playing war with yourself. When You are fighting the mental though- this is your weakness. This is the Game of Running- to WIN that War against the Ugly voice in your head that opts for the Couch instead of the Open Road. Shut it off- Tell Yourself that you are stronger than that and find that strength to just Get Up and Get the Run Going!

• Just GO- There has NEVER EVER been a Run that I regretted. I’m talking I feel like crap- my head hurts, my body is tired- I can muster the littlest energy to just go from the bed to the kitchen coffee pot- and every reasoning in my head says there is NO way that it could be a good run…………BUT…………IT ALWAYS IS. Give me a mile and I’ve forgotten about that headache- and my lungs are breathing deep and my wings are open and I’m feeling the freedom as the endorphins run through me. The only Run you’ll ever Regret is the One You didn’t do!

•If you run and it’s an EPIC FAIL- reflection my running friend- remember you were out there trying- you were doing the one thing that many people wished they could and can’t. Don’t ever take for Granted Your Run-

•Find Your Inspiration- Sometimes if that Inspiration can’t come from within- it has to come from an outside source- find someone that you idolize in the running world- a running friend- an elite athlete perhaps. Perhaps it’s someone that is battling something big and more triumphant than the lack of desire you have. I have Run for Kate, I have Run for Friends that were fallen ill, I have run miles for Injured Friends, I have Run miles for deceased loved ones.

•RUN BECAUSE YOU CAN!!- Let’s face it- Life is Short- There will be a time when you can NO longer Run- and Today is NOT THAT DAY!

• Runography - I want to add this one- because I love Photography. I love capturing a moment- a scene of something I would love for me to remember- share with you or friends a place that you could put yourself into for running! If you can bring your phone or little camera with you- then you can stop and capture the moment- embracing the Glory of the Run ♥

• Reflection- Look back and appreciate all your achievements. Think about how they make you feel. Was there an impact that you made on your life as well as for someone else? Where did you find your strengths and what drove you so passionately then. Can you ignite the same fire to keep you running now? Go look and grab onto the medals- count through those racing bibs- look at photographs and appreciate where you have come from and how far you have made it.

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