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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's a Bon Jovi sort of Day

The Passion. The Lyrics, his intensity- always sends a shiver down my spine, puts a chill into my heart. He sings a love song just the way it was meant to be. He sparks a vengeance inside my soul at times too!

So on this dreary, child vomit filled day- I embrace some Bon Jovi- throw on some running shoes and do what I know best, love life with a passion. Put away 8 loads of laundry and clean my castle like I'm throwing a party & monitor the love childs barf bowl and try to keep spirits high as the dark clouds roll around the skys, pouring down rain drops metaphorically representing some dark thoughts that roll through my thoughts today. What a crazy little head of mine.

Rocking it out to BonJovi for a good 1/2 hour, ready to bust out my day! BOOM

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