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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2nd Day of Christmas Fitness

On the 2nd Day of Christmas Fitness, My One True love (me ;-) Gave to me-
20lb bicep curls x 3 sets
15lb tricep reverse - 2 sets
10lb lateral raises- forward and to the side- 1 set
80lbs abdominal press- 1min
90lb tricep push-down x10
110lbs row- x 10
110lb pulldowns- x 10
25min on the treadmill this morning interval of speed walk and light jog - covered about 2.5 miles
4.5 mile street run - incorporated some hills on my route - 38:05- comfy 8:28 pace :) I was so Happy to be Running- I love being outside, trumps the treadmill 100 fold- the weather was perfect- not windy and not too cold-
Surprisingly my left foot is MAD at me- that dam fast 5k and the way I must not have been rotating my foot correctly - it's sorta really mad at me- top of the left foot, along the top - follow the arch of the upper foot. It's ok- it sorta worked itself out on the run.
The lower leg felt tight- but the right knee stayed HAPPY- which makes ME HAPPY- for this yet another un-medicated run without the use of ibuprofen :)
organic egg
slice of wheat toast
10 oz almond milk
Jillian Michaels natural Whey Protein triple Chocolate shake
slice of wheat
tbsp of all natural pb
tsp of all natural home-made jam
Macadamia Nuts-
4 oz Organic Beef
1/2 Garlic Cheddar Cheese Slice
1/4 cup portabello mushrooms
1 cup steamed Broccoli
Greek Yogurt

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