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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Run & Weights - Standard Stuff

I went to bed at 3am- I sat in bed all night- staring at the ceiling- thinking about shiz nizzy people and stuff that I shouldn't be. Tis' the RARE evening nap I had the night before as I cleaned my house intensely all day long yesterday- so by 6pm I was passed out on the couch as I begged for 10min to relax- oops! 8pm wake up calls just leads me to staying up all night - GREAT for fueling my Insomnia, lol.

So Energy lacked today- Went to the gym with RunnerBoy and this was my routine

25lb bicep set
20lbs bicep set x2
20lbs Shoulder press
abductor, adductor, tricep, row, pulldowns on the cybex equipment

with runnerboy spotting me *oh yeah* ;-)
80lbs tricep pulldown x12
90lbs tricep pulldown x 12
100lbs tricep pulldown x 8
110lb tricep pulldown x 8

1 mile on the treadmill at the start of my weight session- my left foot is KILLING me- I need to open up this foot and the I keep rotating and gently pushing off- I must have been landing weird on that 5k and hurt myself. Sometimes I'm a broken runnergirl. - yikes! 9:20 mile- had some walk warm up in that- stretch after

1 mile on the treadmill after my weight session- foot is feeling 99% better now that I got the muscle/tendons to relax a little bit!! Nice and steady comfy on this one- 8:35 mile.

1omin on the stair climber for 65 flights of stairs :) Been a LONG time since I've been on this machine- I miss how much I drip sweat onto this one!

B: Coffee, tsp sugar, 2 tbsp fat free half in half
2 egg whites

Jillian Michaels All natural whey protein shake
16 oz almond milk

S: 1/4 organic apple
Greek Yogurt
Wheat Germ

1.75 veggie burger
spritz of olive oil in pan
lowfat mayo
organic ketchup
1/4 cup creamy garlic pasta

air popped popcorn
dark chocolate
whine cooler

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