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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

8th Day of Christmas Fitness

On the 8th Day of Christmas Fitness, My True Love gave to me: 4 mile run

I didn't have the energy to hit the gym in the morning- I have been so tired and I know why- hormones- pcos- ovulation, lmao. Good thing my Husband has had the The Big V- so we don't have worry about getting pregnant- but as a RunnerGirl I'm never shy to talk about hormones and running- even as it will eventually affect all of us- especially as we age- getting hard to maintain our weights and lose because of the estrogen loss- etc. So there you have it- at least now I know why I feel like I could sleep a week!

Spent the day with my twins- home- schooling them- and cleaning my castle.

RunnerBoy Got home and we all geared up for an Evening Work-out -

I took off on the road for a run as he took the 3 to the gym with him. We make it work- great partnership!

I run down to the center of town- 1 mile in and find my hill - it's 1/4 mile long- so I run down and then back up 4 giving me 4x400's and then I take a speedy mile back to the gym to meet runnerboy-
Here's what I wrote on my Facebook Wall- Two Police Officers sitting side by side in their patrol cars got a GREAT Show of This Crazy RunnerGirl Getting some Hill Repeats in 20 degree weather- 4x400's with 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down- So Glad I didn't get Arrested for Being so Bad-Ass! HOPE YOU ALL HAD A GREAT RUN TODAY!

I averaged just over a 9min pace on that run- which is great for hills- I was not digging to kill myself- most happily I only report a bit of an above the right knee niggle on my 3 accent down- so running down hill shows me I'm almost all the way healed- What an Amazing Christmas Blessing for me ♥

Hit up the Cybex for some obliques, quads, hamstrings, adductor, abductor, core


B: Coffee
whole wheat tortilla
2 eggs, 2 egg whites
made an excellent breakfast wrap

2 whole wheat slices
tbsp of all natural pb
tsp of all natural jam

Pasta with meatballs
slice of garlic toast
*This meal was at my Sisters house celebrating a Christmas Gather* It tasted good but different to eat normal pasta, and processed meatballs- I won't lie - they were tasty- it's a no wonder the processed fake foods are so addicting- they are jam packed with sweetness- it was the sweetest pasta dish I've had in 2 years, lol Crazy!

Tim Hortons Creme Filled Christmas Donut :) Yep I ate a dam Donut :)

What I love is the notion that I'm not longer trying to 'lose' weight- so I can once in a while handle foods that are not typical as long as they are far, few and in-between that I manage moderation- to which I preach- I was not craving that donut- I was truthfully STARVING after my run/weights and I thought dinner would be ready when we got to my sisters at 6:30 but it wasn't so I ate it and it was good, lol but ideally I would have just had it after dinner as a dessert- but again- my mindset is what distincts me from those that can't handle the temptations- I did not eat under any sort of emotion- I did not binge- and I had just one :) Ok and a bite of Austyns chocolate with candy cane topping- sorta yuck! ha!


  1. I've been running all week! Haven't started logging my food, which I know from experience is a must. The Dr. told me the other day that studies have shown that people who log every single calorie lose twice the weight!

    Your menus help me get an idea. Great job on the hills in 20 degree temps!

    My numbers for this week...

    12-17-11 2.4 miles in ?(a long time)
    12-18-11 1.8 in 30 minutes
    12-19-11 2 miles in 38 minutes
    12-20-11 no formal workout
    today 3.1 in 48 minutes

    So I think i' improving. A over 230 pounds...not too shabby! and I lost almost 5 pounds this week! WOO HOO!


  2. I love that you are running and I hope you find me on facebook- I have a group I'd like for you to join- it's a closed group and we can talk daily about your progress :) You are doing Great with your runs- definately aim for just 3 runs a week- enough to keep you moving- progressing but not so much that you burn yourself out! When you progress- you can add to the miles and days you run! 5lbs this Week is So FANTASTIC! * HELLO- THAT'S DURING CHRISTMAS WEEK!!! WOW!!