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Saturday, December 31, 2011

1.5 strength train & Last Run of 2011

******* I went Shopping Today- Bought this UA Hoody- zip pocket perfect for storing stuff, then I bought some cute Pink Nike Gloves ♥ **********

Morning- I spent 1 1/2 hrs in the Gym this morning with my RunnerBoy- We focused on Triceps/biceps/weight bench/abs.
We finished off the entire arm/ab session with Two 2 minute planks side by side and we were DONE! Then I did a minute of solid ab crunching and I was defeated- I only got 30 in a minute- a couple of un-expected pauses- those ones that hurt to push through are the ones that really count! (I'm writing this the next day- I will say - my arms and chest are SORE today!! Like Super Sore ;-) I am a Work in Progress ♥

Today I ran my last run of 2011- Leaving me at 1285. Surely there is that part of me that would love to round out that number. But Life is not about getting stats perfectly rounded and it's not about the number.

I originally thought I could pull off 1200 miles- as my year progressed I thought I could easily get 1400-1500 miles- but then Life Happens and Body gets hurt- demands Recovery and I'm NO Spring Chicken- I'm 33 and I'm not a teen-ager where my body is able to bounce back so easily. I am So Human.

The Run was a straight out and back. Half way Point I stretched and got a faster come back. First 2.5 miles I was a tender and yet comfy 9:15 pace- oddly slow but how easy it felt showed my why. I wanted to open back up a little bit on the way back and with some hills I managed to do around 8:45 pace so I averaged 9min miles :)

I did some reflecting - You know I did. I was letting go of the things that keep holding me back in 2011- I am so scared for 2012- I have such High expectations and not just about running and fitness- that is coming easy to me. I'm talking about all other aspects of life that I screwed up on in 2011 and I made alot of mistakes. I'm hoping to let it all go and re-new my love and faith in everything else.



Protein Shake
celery stick with tbsp of all natural pb

Cheeseburger- few fries

S: Ice-cream & Coffee

We went out to Dinner and I had Ice-cream and a cheeseburger meal- Sometimes it happens

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