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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1st Day of Christmas Fitness

On the First Day of Christmas Fitness, My one true love gave to me:
Spinning, Pilates and Insanity Day #8 = almost 3 hrs of fitness, OMG! (no trust me my life is WAY More than Fitness ;-p )
Spinning- 1 hour class- great to get the quads burning- my lungs breathing heavy and a little bit of a sweat. I never get out of that class cardio wise what I wished I could. Sometimes I do- but today there was Some Class Mojo Missing- Fun but some Mojo missing, lol
Pilates- Great opening up, I always enjoy the hip work, leg stretches and some core work- I had to quit 5 minutes early and just lay there- my tummy was hurting badly- I think I was hungry!
Home and after Lunch I did Day #8 of Insanity- Feeling tired- but it's done!
I'm so tired- I am so excited for sleep that does not include waking up desperate for comfort in the nostrils. I like to sleep cold- my runnerboy likes it WARM- well it kills my sinus and head and I wake up so groggy. Plus I just need hrs of sleep, not this 4-5 hr sleep stuff. I need a great 6-7 hrs :) Hopefully tonight!!
My left foot is still bothering me :( Dam, it's like my knee is better but now my foot hurts, ARGH!
1/2 banana
Green Monster Shake
1/2 pear
Organic apple
2 small whole wheat tortilla shell
4 tbsp plain Greek yogurt
1/2 avocado snack pack
6 oz grilled chicken breast
Greek Yogurt
6 walnuts sprinkled on top

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