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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas :)

Merry Christmas To all My Faithful Readers!

I hope Your Christmas Was Wonderful and Perfect :-)

Today has been perfect.

My Mother spoiled me by coming over and bringing an entire Christmas Day Meal - ham and all it's fixings!!

When she got here, My Runnerboy and I got to take off- a mile run to the local Run Event- which was a very small non-for-profit run-collecting donations for the local food pantry! On the Run over- Runnerboy looked like santa carrying our bag of canned goods for the pantyr, lol- The run was an untimed local run just a 2 miler or a 3 mile route- we took the 3 miler and wore our Garmin :)

So RunnerBoy and I ran the 5k route- didn't have much in me to get beyond my base pace of around 8:20 - I'm feeling that way this week.

But that's ok- I was happy to be outside it was so pleasant- easily over-dressed so tore off the gloves before the start and took the jacket off halfway into the 5k.

Got back to the destination- mingled, interacted sucked down a small cup of hot chocolate and then ran back home

5 miles in just around 42 minutes :)

I loved running with my husband- the run and the dinner- was truly an Amazing gift from my Mother xxx

I didn't get anything for Christmas - material wise- poor planning on runnerboy's part. blah. I won't lie I would of loved registration for my half paid for - or a new run coat- or running gloves- but at least I got him a bunch of stuff and that made me happy- my kids make me happy- and I'm so NOT a material woman- so I'm not upset- but the emotional side of me awaits the 17th year with Runnerboy where He could put some love into a Gift- Just sayin' lol

Foods: The holidays SUCK! End of story? Ok- Thank You :)

B: egg, low sodium bacon- whole wheat french toast slices (2)

L: Run :) lol - post run- hot chocolate/donut hole

D: Ham/potato/green bean casserole/dinner roll

s: slice of pumpkin roll

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