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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Motivation for the Procrastinator

So Maybe I Procrastinate in writing this Blog Entry. ha!
However, here I am.
What causes one person to either make a decision to do something vs. do nothing?
•it's easier
•don't have face potential failure
• can't let go of the past
•somehow wallowing in those bad feelings makes you feel 'alive' (sickly enough!!)
•your couch is comfy
•your reflect on all the failure of the past day/week/month/ lifetime
•you have little/no self worth
•you FEAR (oh this one is BIG)
It cycles, you know it does. It goes without saying. The more you decide to do NOTHING the more you hate yourself for it and then you just for NOT do Nothing.
So what triggers and motivates a person to actually 'change'
So, we all know how easy it is to talk the talk in our mind. To go round and round with knowing what we need to do. We lay in bed every night and outline the plan on how 'TOMORROW' will be better and different. Then somehow we wake up and maybe try and if we fumble then we just automatically fail ourselves. Well that's not very fair. Not much else in life is so criticizing as we are upon ourselves. You get bad grade in school you don't flunk the grade, you just failed the test.
You won't be held back from going forward, you'll simply re-learn the lesson and then move forward. Life is very much the same way.
If you take a wrong turn, if you get off track you can always make the choice to do the smart and healthy choices.
The ownership is the best part. Once you start to take back ownership you will feel so worthy, so accomplished and you will try always to never get off track again.
If you can be inspired then by all means let that motivate you toward your greatness. Follow another persons plan and let the words and actions move forward daily. It's my goal for you. That you see that everyday I live to stay on track and maybe being here and sharing with you my choices will only guide in making yours!
This is not just about fitness and foods. Gosh knows I procrastinate alot in my life. One of mine has nothing to do with the above, it has to do with being TOO BUSY! I am simply always running myself ragged. I simply sometimes put some maybe less meaningful (oh but enjoyable) things in my life priority over other things. So this week for example I battle my procrastination in my academics. So this post to you all comes at the perfect time for me. You'll surely forgive my absence while I get myself caught up in my school work. Sometimes that juggling act does cause me fear, that I won't accomplish everything I set out to do. NewsFlash- especially this past year- I've had some personal epic failures in some areas in my life besides food/fitness so I fumble just the same. I realize that just with food/fitness that the place of procrastination is just the same; just transcended in different areas of my life (sometimes!)
Make A Plan
Write it out, share it, be accountable
Find some inspiration
Find a partner to share in the journey
Rejoice in the Victory (treat yourself to something great like a massage/shopping trip!)
Prepare yourself ahead of time - being proactive helps
If you say to yourself "Trmw is a new day" you already working against yourself. Start Now! Even after a mistake, Never wait. Weight loss/fitness/smoking/addictions/obligations etc....just get it done, relieve yourself of the burden by taking action immediately. Trust me you'll Thank Me After!


  1. Thank you Connie! It's nice to know that others feel the same way....that I am indeed not alone in my struggles.

  2. Good and inspiring post! I'm definitely a procrastinator and must pay attention to this aspect of my personality in order to keep moving forward. I don't let my momentary fails make me think I am a failure. Instead, I acknowledge the problem, pick myself up, and keep going! Daily!