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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 13- 8:25?

Today is Day 13 of our Challenge!
I keep wondering to myself when I'm actually going to really 'try' to lose weight. I'm so focused on trying to run, getting fit and stronger that I'm putting this whole calorie reducing thing on the back burner. You have all seen my blog everyday what I'm eating and 99.9 % of the time I've figured out my caloric intake for the day and shown you every morsel of what I've ate! Which always ends up around my maintaining mode of about 1600 calories.
So I've been thinking of how great it feels to fuel up, to eat healthy foods, to be maintaining and it's so easy and nice and comfortable, it's shows that a lifestyle change that I had for 2 years to lose can be managed very easily when I'm looking to stay stable.
So just remember that, as much as you reduce now and make the sacrifice there will be a time when you will have to learn that you are NOT in calorie cutting mode! That one day you are going to have to 'up' your calories so you don't lose anymore!
I know for fact how easy it is to eat very satisfying 1600 calorie days without it being too much or too little. I know for fact also how sometimes 1200 is not enough but then I remind myself when 800 has me FULL so it's all balances it self out! The journey is always Health!
Ok. So sooner than later I hope to bring my calories down cause I do want to lean out my guts more. I am fearful, I like the junk in my trunk ;-) I don't want my face any more thin and I'm my tits can't handle to lose another ounce! So I fear losing anymore, lol. Maybe that's my problem!
But I NEED the fat to come off the guts so I will sooner than later have to really jump on board and get 'calorie tight' I call it!
I did a 1/4 mile walk - warm up - range of motion exercises on the treadmill- I always feel a little 'awesome' for my warm-ups and my stretches on the treadmill. I sorta hope I'm showing everyone that really is the best way to run! walk, get the blood flowing and then stop and stretch warm muscles and then start my run!
So what's with the 8:25?
8:25 Mile Run
8:25 minutes on the Row Machine
8.25 minutes on the treadmill at a 8.5 Incline(couldn't get 8.25 darn it, haha) at 5.0 *wow, DIG toward the end!!*
Ok that was my fun with 8:25!
Then I went downstairs and I did
90lbs arm pulldowns
90lb tricep pushdowns
15lb arm bicep curls (4 sets)
10 tricep dips with 2 benches
10 ab crunches on incline bench (3 sets) My Core is SORE!
70 lb Obliques torso twists on each side
110 lb Row Machine for a one set of 15 reps
15lb lateral raises above my head for 2 sets
90lb lower back pushbacks
Ran the halls 4x... my knee was not liking running so I quit that
Almond Milk-90
Jillian Michaels Protein Powder-125
2 cups of Chili- 435
8 whole wheat crackers-130
4 oz lean pork loin-140
4 slices Low Sodium Bacon-
1 cup of Squash
1/2 Organic Pear
Mixed Nuts
Dark Chocolate Mini Morsels
Total: 1470
133 carbs
96 protein

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