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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 10 - On Fiya'

Day 10-
My arms are on Fiya'
Oh my!
Woke up threw on the runners and some boom tunes and rocked out house cleaning and laundry like a mad dashed diva. Teasingly joked with a friend *hey girl ;-) * that My Dirt Devil couldn't keep up with my vacuuming sprints!
I wore on with my day with some increased anxiety. OMG!!
Incredibly Anxious for harboring some my procrastination in my academics and it's left me feeling shiz nizzy and so I had to run to conquer out the pessimism in my brain!
2 miles Fast. Wore the watch on this fun run. My first mile was an 8:08 mile and I felt great. Decided to pick up on the return home since I felt no wiggle/niggle in the knee from the mile. Not wanting to go for more than 2 with all technicality I promised myself yesterday I would run but then today told myself "No" so I compromised with myself and went for 2 although secretly I wished I could just run for 4 or way more ;-)
Here's what she looked like as I hit a major negative split on the way home. Opened up my wings and looked down and saw a 6:35 pace for a little while !! how the ? !!
So that's 2 miles in a 7:39 average pace, I'll take that!
Then I made dinner really quick and then took off to Boxing!
I loved it. My arms were on FIYA'
TRX, weights for 2 days in a row..yeah I was hurting really good in this 3 minute rounds.
Ten rounds later I was totally TOAST! I'm not sure I could pack a punch after all that!
The instructor says "bring it" and I say "I'll give what I have left" to which we went into what I've done today and the past few days and he was like " ;-0 " you Go Woman and then I flashed my arm muscle and then he chuckled "I like you posed and showed me your guns" bwahaha! I said hey it's better than where I came from ....with having nothing in JUNE to having this is awesome! Plus I told I used to be 150lbs heavier to which HEADS turned in the box room, oh my! EVERYONE JUST STOPPED and were like "you" ? Must be I hide real well that I used to be that Big. Faith that Age is in my corner and the fact that I've worked hard on toning up has really given my body a better look. Faith to the thighs that I may just be able to wear a bikini to the beach one day *although I still may need some thigh tape for the skin* insert harsh reflecting chuckle here* My arms in the spring were a DISGRACE! Now look at them...I can wear a tank top and have no concerns that they look fat or that they have too much skin *although sometimes they do but fuck it....I lost 150lbs I can't and won't expect perfection* I think alot of times I'm grateful to be in a committed marriage, not sure anyone could understand the flaws of my body as a thin woman - my skin will be a reminder of who I was....although like I said I'm even impressed at this stage just how great I look in my sexy black lacey panties. Just sayin' ;-)
Anyways...the instructor literally bowed down to me, lol. Stand up fool and get me punching!
Ok Foods:
Oatmeal with flax/cranberries
coffee *tried stevia today I think it gave me gut rot, going to try that again*
1/4 cup lowfat cottage cheese
2 oz skinless boneless chicken breast grilled
1/2 cup fresh spinach
1 whole wheat tortilla wrap
2 tblsp of plain greek yogurt
8 oz almond milk- orginal
1 scoop whey protein - Jillian Michaels all natural
Organic Apple
1.5 servings of 3 cheese tortellini- organic
2 tblsp parm cheese
4 turkey meatballs
2 tblsp of sauce
2 cups air popped popcorn
2 tblsp of dark chocolate morsels.

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