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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 16- Legs & Pilates and Head spinning

Full Nautilus Leg Work-out & 1 hr of Pilates- where I worked every inch of my legs/core. My right leg is now feeling compromised and tight. Pilates is a great stretch but surely I'm due for REST!

I'm feeling a little out of control today. Hormones? I'm dealing with family stress this week and emotionally I've regressed into some Summer Thinking. It was not a Pretty Connie Night for me.
After a Complete Melt-down on my Part....I'm trying work my way Through.

Not running is hard for me. I fought off some anxiety this evening the good ole fashion way- Crying. I'd much rather run through my shiz. But sometimes in life I just gotta face the shiz head on and just tackle life, love the best way I can.

Who knows. I'm exhausted.

English Muffin Triple Health
1 tblsp all natural peanut butter
Grilled chicken snack wrap- Lunch with friends (grilled, no cheese, extra lettuce)
1 cup of grapes
Cheese tortellini
parm cheese
2 turkey meatballs
2tbslp sauce
spat of butter
Mixed Nuts

I'll tell you what. I'd much rather Be Chasing Cars Today.
When will I let go? Of every dam thing and every dam person in my life that hurts me?
"I don't quiete know how to say How I feel"

I have lots of thinking and reflecting to do. I predict I'll be taking a day or two from blogging. Unless I get some clarity and light in my sleep tonight. I will actually Pray tonight. For me for once.

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