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Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 12- Back at it!

I'm always keen for a Great Work-out the day after I've rested.
2 mile run- Today 8:45 avg pace. As much as I keep trying so hard to convince myself to not run....I DON'T WANT TO STOP RUNNING! Omg! And shit, I don't want to feel badly for doing the one thing I am so in love with. I feel good, then I want to do it.
I am trying to be smart in that when I run and I feel 'pain' then I'll stop. And maybe I make my recovery longer by running these small mileages but I really don't care right now.
You'll never hear me write that I was in pain and then ran. Never!
I am pain free- so I am running. When I feel pain, I stop. That to me is being a smart runner!
If that run is slow then it's slow, if it's fast then it's fast.
Ok so 2 miles and the last .5 I was feeling tight and pace had really fallen short and the slow pace was killing my knee. I was angry at the end for how pissed off it was acting. But I do want to add that for the first time in a week this was a med free run. I had been running all week on anti-inflammatory for the tendons. This time I forgot, I do hate taking meds but I do value how they calm the tendons and can allow me to run upwards of 20-25min without pain! No-where near the hours of running that I'm used to but I'll embrace my runs!
The cold air in my lungs crushed these ex-smoking lungs. Sometimes on crisp cold runs just like this it reminds me of the burn I experienced whenever I used to smoke! Cleansing out the smoke still ....12 years of smoking just doesn't leave your lungs - even if it's been almost almost 7 years since I quit!!!
Got to the Gym and this is what I did.
6 sets of 15lb arm curl routines
bench dips
100 sit ups on the reclining bench- found a nifty pad to use for my boney hiney- hot diggity dam my tailbone has no cheek support and my hiney hurts and no longer can do roll ups in pilates or and doing situps hurts if I don't have great cushion!
11 push-ups
1/2 nautillus circuit at the gym - quads/hamstrings/pulldowns/hip flexor/biceps/shoulders
I hit as low as 154 back in August then in Marathon training and working hard to build up my arms/abs/core/glutes I've packed on some lbs and I'm back to 162 but look at them guns! I HAD NO MUSCLE AT ALL BACK IN JUNE! Now look at them! BOOM!
egg (75)
toast (60)
L: 1/2 green monster smoothie(70)
1 nuggett (45)
few fries (75)
Milky Bri Cheese- 1/2 oz (50 cals)
whole wheat crackers (80)
Raspberry jam (30)
2 whole wheat tortilla wraps (240)
4 oz grilled chicken (100)
100 cals guacamole pack (100)
2 tblsp greek yogurt (40)
spinach (10)
organic tomato (20)
lowfat mozz cheese finely shredded (50)
No Pudge Brownie - 120
2tblsp lowfat whipped cream- 20
8oz almond milk
1 scoop whey protein

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