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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Arm Weight Routine for Women

I am going to share with you a series of Video's to give examples of what I do in the gym to work on my Guns ;-)

So when I say I did a Set of Arm Curl "Routine" this is what that Routine looks like:

1) Bicep-

2) Tricep kickbacks- (P.s. Girls- get that Hiney in the air' Holla' hahaha!!)

3) Tricep Extensions-

4) Dumbbell row for your Back-

5) Lateral Raise -
I like to do these in single arms rotation because it forces you to work on balance!

6) Dumbbell Front Raise-
I do these singly as well, forces to not throw your body into it and causes you to concentrate on core stability

7) Dumbbell closures-
Great for Strong shoulders

8) Dumbbell arm raise- I can't find a video- but take your dumbell and single arm I raise the dumb bell up over my head from the waist position.

Other Randoms I like to do:


Tricep Dips-

Push ups-

Lower abs-

Things I am going to start working on!!

Spartan Push up-

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