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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 7- Wounded Warrior 5k & NY re-cap

Hello Everyone! Last Day of the Week 1 challenge!

Looking for everyone to weigh in!

Time to re-evaluate how you ate, what you may have struggled with your eating and your fitness.

Look back to that assignment I gave you to calorie count and what times did you eat the most, how were you feeling. Evaluate and share with me your findings. Let make this challenge about really learning and exploring your habits so we can propel you in the right directions!

I've not seen a single post from the weekend for the sharing of a healthy dessert recipe. Maybe you all are not eating desserts? hhmm....I love them. That's ok. You put into this process what you want out of it.

I'm so happy to see so many sticking this out. Don and I believe it takes about 2 solid weeks for change to really set in and for a new habit to become normal and routine for you. Just give 'yourself' one more week!! My enthusiasm for your success will only get you so far! Hoping you are picking up what I'm putting down ;-) Boom!

So I want food diary's and weight check ins!! please e-mail me. I am keeping track. I hope you all understand that I have not been able to always individually respond to all 50+ emails I have from everyone but I am reading and going to be following you for updates! Because I am a student, mother and a busy housewife, photographer and a fitness freak I realize I simply won't be able to individually monitor all 50 of you at once. Not sure a personal trainer could say the same even with vast more experience than I with clients. But this is fun for me, so I hope you value my energy into supporting you all through this journey. My extra blog posts about emotional eating and self esteem takes a couple of hours to formulate for you all to use! And for anyone that ever visits this blog and needs some direction. I thank you all for that. You are hoping me build this blog up for future people that want/need direction or inspiration.

I have some ideas for this week for some extended blog posts in regards to food addictions.


Today I ran a Wounded Warrior 5k Race- No PR's for either of u but that's ok!!
60/309- overall
5/27- age group

Don's Stats:
5/29 - age group

Wounded Warrior Run and the funds go toward the Syracuse Veterans Hospital. I enjoyed the 'inaugural' event last year. So I knew I wanted to do it again this year. Last year we raised $3400 for the Veterans!! This year they changed the location, they changed the race by adding a 10k and a family 2mile walk.

I was so Happy to run with some Great CaloriCountingRunnerGirls and watching them all come through to the finish made me weepy. I jumped up and down with joy to watch them all finish so strong! So Much fun to watch these ladies run and get hooked into running like I did! I loved Rooting them on!

The weather was perfect Autumn Day. It's get colder each day that passes so to have a great 50 degree day was PRIME! I wore my Marathon Shirt just in case I felt wounded during my Run! This would remind me and others that I am a Marathoner....not matter my pace on this run! I run Marathons and no one can take that from me, even if I fumbled on this run from this injury.

We started off the run on a nice climb and turn. The first mile had lots of rise to it. Eventually after the first 1/2 mile it flattened out. But none the less, I felt that in my lungs and not my knee so I was happy! I quickly set into a pace. What pace? I had no Idea because I didn't' wear a watch again this race. My runnerboy had it. I'm fine with that. I knew yet again I'd run my best for what I could do today and pace didn't at all matter to me! I said before I left the house, I will Win this Race Today simply because I am Running. I love Running that Much. To have it back in my life this week, just makes sense to me. This race put me at 11 miles, which to my old self of normal (non training weeks of 30 miles) this was huge! I have upped my protein and I think it's helping me recover!
Eventually we hit the 1.5 turnaround. Fine. Well on the way back through it was odd that they have you crossing in front of the back of the pack to hit a trail on the other side of the road. So the second half of this race was a trail run along the canal. The first few steps I had a few 'woah' moments because the trail was made up of dirt and small stones and your feet did a bit of slip with the push - off, at least for me! But none the less, I'm keen to run on whatever. I smiled alot on this canal. I was happy hit mile 2 and start to feel my cardio vulnerabilities set in!! I almost cried because it was my breathing giving me a hard time and not my legs...which didn't help my breathing ;-p I passed alot of runnergirls on this part of the course. People surely slow down between mile 2&3 and that is my gain because I'm a pretty steady runner, I never really ever negative split on 5k's and usually can hit a positive split.
I was coming in and about 1/10ths a mile to go I blew past this runnerdude on the incline back toward the finish line. I saw all those people standing there clapping us in....yeah they were really applauding my kick ass sprint to the finish where I left that runnerdude in da'dust! yeah baby! haha!

They need to make some changes to this race before next year....the 10k, 5k, 2 mile walkers were all coming in the same chute, which was narrow and small. they ran out of good bagels early, they changed the age groups prize categories from 31-34 & 35-39 to a broad 31-39.

RunnerBoy and I on our Run ♥
We slapped hands on the turn-around. He said he was so HAPPY to see me just one minute behind him beyond the half point turn-around. Then to see me come across just 2minutes after he crossed made him EXTRA HAPPY! He just kept telling me how worried he was for my knee. That's Love! I am so happy he loves me so much. I feel really lucky really! We had a Great Run Date like Always!


NYC Marathon Re-cap!!

I came home and quickly made a Great Healthy Lasagna: I'll share the recipe/pics tmrw!

I watched NYC Marathon and just had my eyes glued to the amazing action. This is like my SuperBowl ♥ I loved all the running commercials!

Of course I am always keen to watch the RunnerGirls run. The Elite pack. The impressive blow away pace that Mary Keitany set off in. Had she held this pace she would of come in around 2:05 setting a new world record. Of course we all watched as she slowly began to fumble with that incredibly fast paced. she was 6 minutes ahead of the course record at five miles in. Her stride was long, her body looked light has a feather. she had the guts and she was aiming for her glory. I gave her mad respect for giving it her best to run with how she felt. It takes alot of practice for elites to reign in their excitement and great desire to win and be daring. I think she decided "No Guts, No Glory" she had such an amazing lead. I watched in excitement but my fears grew as I saw her stride shorten, her gait tightened and her arms started to drop. That fast stride became more of a swinged shuffle. Still incredibly fast compared to me, but when you are talking Elite's you know that when you starting hitting 6min miles you are really starting to get tired. It was no surprise to see her pace just drop and drop and drop. I surely had prayed she could be blazing enough to hold it strong! But 'she is human' Kenyan or Not, we all have our limits...she was finding hers. She fumbled those last 2 miles, much like it does for most all of us! Ah Yes....they hurt like we do ♥ NO matter our pace, the journey unites us! Don kept talking about how Mary ruined her win with going out too fast. I say " have to do something daring and big to accomplish big things in life. People don't always win by sticking to status quo...I say what if you went out that strong and set a new world record? Mary inspires glory. To me she won in so many ways today. I bet Mary challenged herself in a way she never has before. I bet in her heart and soul she dug deep as she watched those ladies try to take her over at 24 that she pushed and kicked up her pace and ran it a big stronger...fighting her to keep the lead. She should be very proud, I am. I am proud of the ladies that won 2nd/3rd! They never knew how far away Mary Was yet they kept on running strong and never slowed down and because of that and running so smart...they too won!

I was so excited to have a New Yorker win 2nd place - even if she is from Ethopia!

I enjoyed watching the men run too! Of course it was no surprise to me who won- Geoffry Mutai won with a new course record of 2:05 and let me just say....TAKE THAT GLORY BABY...AINT NO BODY TAKING THIS FROM YOU LIKE THEY DID IN BOSTON! YOU EARNED BOSTON....YOU EARNED NEW YORK! ROCK ON !

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  1. Great write up Connie :o) Pleased to hear that the knee held out; you did amazingly well my friend x