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Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 25- Feast & Fun

Today was Thanksgiving- I always blog one day ahead for the readers, lol
But today I ran family fun 5k in the morning. An impromptu for fun - untimed run. This local gentleman with great hospitality marks out up to 5 miles away from his home (so you can run 10 miles if you want) and then back where you can hang out his house and enjoy some hot cocoa/coffee and sweets. What Nice People, What a Great Turn-out! I saw my Friend Lauren/Amy/Jay there. They were running a 10k! I was there with the intention of just running 3.1 with the my three peeps! RunnerBoy pushes the double with the oldest and on of the twins- I push the single and the other twin.
I felt great, the morning sunshine, the temps were not frigid and we actually overdressed and had to stop quickly to take off gloves/jacket and run back!
28:18 for the 5k with the kids! We did good- LOTS OF HILLS!! OH MY GOODNESS! Felt great except the down hill got my knee grumpy- but overall still happy run- felt amazing to do this as a family.
There at the Mason House we set out flyer's for our new local Running Club we started. Hoping to attract more than just the 25 we have now. Start implementing weekly runs after the first of the year, network with area events to aide in raising more money for our community :) Today's Event was for donation for Warm the Kids in our County- So a Nice little donation for the York Family was a Nice- gave us the opportunity to teach our oldest daughter (6years old) just how important it is to donate sometimes- that there are children out there that need warm winter coats!
Dinner was Delicious! I'll be posting a blog later just about our feast and how I prepared it, pics of our healthy dessert too.
I will admit as much as I did sensible portions of 'each' food, I still over-ate and got really uncomfortable. I was in pretty bad pains all night and I don't think this is just about the foods but because I think I'll be menstruating soon and that often leaves me super bloated and unable to digest much. None the less- I was HURTING all through the night/evening with severe stomach/ab pains all throughout my tummy regions- even makes me wonder if this was a stomach bug?
1/2 cup egg whites
4 oz orange juice after 5k run
2 cups of fresh fruit
fresh veggies random- about 1 cup
dinner feast
6oz turkey
1/2 cup stuffing
1/2 cup sweet potato
1/2 cup squash
1 dinner roll
1/4 cup fresh cranberry sauce
dessert after feast
- slice of lowfat cheescake from
1 cup of fresh fruit with family later in the evening
4 oz of turkey
bread roll
Probably a 1800- 2200 calorie day- I've not the energy to calculate, lol. sorry!

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