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Monday, November 14, 2011


Woke up with a headache but diligent to stay on track for what was meant to be in store for today.

If anyone wonders why a person like me decides to just be so NON stop, then I give you the best and easiest answer that I hope you someday declare for yourself; that is, "I hate how I feel when I make a plan and that NOT do it" I will beat myself over it in my head one thousand times over. well unless I'm truly bed ridden sick and then I'm totally forgiving. But if it's a slight headache, or If I'm tired and feeling blah, then I force it.

Remember, There is NEVER a Work-out that I've ever regretted, EVER!

20min in the weight room with my 15lb weights

1 full hr of TRX Training. The straps were cruel to me today. Third week in the class and it's getting easier to transition and get into the routine.
*killer superman fly on my part today. We put the straps in our feet and we flip around so that we are planking. We did several planks today. 1 minute planks! Then we would bring up one leg up to our chest while we plank and we worked several planks were brought up both knees to the chest, We did planks were we piked our ass to the sky! We did side planks, we planks on our elbows, on our hands too! We did this one plank where we did a push up and then pull in with our feet and that's when I flew up and flat onto my guts so my neighbor work-out girl laughed at me and I said "holey shiz, did you see me fly" and she said yes! hahaha! SWEATING PLANKS TODAY!

20 more minutes in the weight room. I was happy to be feeling so good that I walked back into the weight room with a smile on my face. Little did I know I was wearing a happy smirk. A friend says "Uh. Oh Connie is a playful mood, why are you smiling" and surely he must of thought I was a crackhead" and I was just happy. Can't a girl smile? ha!

On the way out the weight room this old man stops me and says "you do real good on that row machine you know, you do it exactly the way it's suppose to be done" I said "Wow, Thanks" Gosh old 60 year old duder must be checking out my work-out the 'OTHER' day, lmao. Thanks guy.

CUDDLE!!! FOR HOURS!!!! ON THE COUCH!!!! Didn't clean my house, didn't do a shizzy nizzy thing which is so UNLIKE me!


Back to the Gym. I DIDN'T WANT TO GO BUT I HAD TO....YOU KNOW it was in my I had to go! Remember a work-out I never forget.

Dam, I really didn't want to go! Wasn't 1hr40min enough for me today?

30min Cardio Kick Class. - Great little class. Left with half hour to go but my knee and all that jumping and stuff was not something my knee was liking. I was not hurting but I was aching and surely this is NOT what I wanted to be doing to my knee with my attempts to REST! But little did I know what this class would be like, it's my first time in there! surely I'll kick some cardio kick ass in the future, today is not that day! Though when I was in there I was BOOM!

5min Elliptical

5min Row

24min in Boxing with 2 sparring rounds with the Coach. I'll tell you what "I FREAKING LOVE BOXING" OMG!!! I'm so glad he was working me new stuff cause this one-two punch stuff was a little freaking boring. Tonight he had me jabbing, double cutting, ducking, moving all over and really giving me challenging and fun 3 minute rounds! he laughed at me alot. He really wanted me to learn something. It's weird to have someone staring at you in the face when you are trying to box. So I tend to giggle alot when I mess up and talk my face off *jeesh, do you think I can talk?* It's nice to see some progression with just a few times in the class so far. Wednesday I'm going for a full hour! Today I was sparring and sweat got into my eyes and I started boxing in the fast 30second round with my eyes closes, had the Coach laughing his booty off! Hey I still hit the target good, lmao! boom!

Then after all this- Grocery Store for some Grocery Shopping, some more healthy foods to fuel this machine!


Coffee- I was too headachey to eat. I can't help, I couldn't -35

2 slice of whole wheat bread with crust cut off- 65
tsp of low fat mayo-15
tsp of organic ketchup-15
1 veggie burger-140
2 servings of Squash-30
1 kiwi-

1 organic egg
1/2 cup egg whites
1 full sausage patty
1 English muffin- triple health

air popped popcorn
dark chocolate
wine cooler
kettle chip- sea salt and vinegar- I was so craving sea salt and vinegar for LONG time!

CARBS- 180 (51%)
FAT-40 (21%)
PROTEIN-78 (22%)
SODIUM- 1800

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