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Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 29- Arms/Core- No triple work-out

I woke up super sore and tight in the calve muscles. Plus I'm feeling tired and I know I'm fully hydrated but I'm just tired......I know there comes a point in which I must rest, lol. Today was day 8 of hardcore working out and today's' efforts were sub par at best for my usual but none the less I was in the gym and did the following:

25lb arm curl one set of 10 (Yes I'm starting to UP my bicep curls!!)
20lb bicep arm curl 3 sets of 10
10lb tricep reverse curl
15lb tricep reverse curl
20 tricep bench dips
50 incline situps
1/4 mile walk/run
1/4 mile run at 7:30 pace

lots of stretching the quads, massage and rest for remainder of the day.

Actually left the start of TRX today- I hate having to leave- but I must listen to my body- after the first initial 3 squats in the class my right knee/calve were screaming mad and spiking flairs of tendon pain. So I knew...I needed to leave.

No Insanity today either. I just can't. I watched RunnerBoy do his First Full work-out and I'm impressed and pumped but there was NOT a single ounce of this machine that actually would of joined in. That says alot for me you know!

Basically I ran errands after the gym- I took my twins to Walmart and I stockpiled some personals. You know I enjoy a hot shower at the gym and getting dressed for my day there. I found this great "hot stuff" pocket thingy to put my flat iron in after my shower so it doesn't burn stuff in my bag- cute too ♥ Twins were very well behaved today ♥

I have been on the downlow on Facebook and stuff- I really am very focused right now on embracing my little family as the holidays are here. I've had so much insight and enlightenment in my heart and soul this week, as to what's most important. My kids, my Husband- we are so amazing together. The world is so great through my eyes right now. There is this amazing level of peace and comfort....which as I embrace the calm and peace and open hearted feelings- I'm somber when I reflect on the past year and what it has shown me for challenge after challenge- nothing to which anyone here or even in my real life understand.

Is it not interesting how you can live your life- and you can look so perfect and put together and for the most part- you likely are *well in very contrast to the crazy chaotic world of those around you * but there's something sorta intriguing as you look into a persons life, maybe even their eyes, when you think you know them and if you only knew the depths to which their heart/soul is/has taken them....then you really begin to understand that Life is NOT always so black and white.

Life is Not always so Perfect. As you adventure into fitness or your weight loss-......shoot even as you adventure as a Mother or a Wife you begin to notice that you are forever evolving and changing. Most times always for the best....but have you ever changed for the worse? How about the notion that you made choices which in hindsight left you thinking "Wow, did that really just happen" Yeah.....!! Welcome to Living! I like to live inside my pretty little boxed world. I have what I think it all sorted and figured out...but I do. Maybe I like to think of Life here with my family a pretty box and inside of it - so Much LOVE and perfection to what is always meant to be...and the quirky spirally bow on top-----yeah that is the spiralling evolution of my heart and mind and soul. Most times a fun slipper slope and other times a scary freaking ride. But it's Me...with my box (family) and we are pretty and perfect and we are gift to each other and to others if we let it.

How about you? Has Life taken you for unexpected rides? How does that play into your place in the world? Interesting to always re-evaluate who you think you are- sometimes who we think we are - can quickly be challenged and changed ....oh so unexpectedly by our choices...even if they seem right and good at the time.

Greek Yogurt with Wheat Germ

Green Monster Shake
1.5 cup spinach
1/2 banana
2tbsp Anutra
1tbsp all natural pb
10 oz almond milk

4 halves of a gutted baked potato and tossed in some plain Greek yogurt *you can use lowfat/nonfat sour cream*
topped with low sodium bacon 1 slice to a crisp
100 calorie avocado snack pack
5 oz grilled chicken breast
smothered in a slice of a fresh cheese from the deli- called Garlic Cheese

1/4 treat of protein chocolate pudding

Today I started 1000mg of Cinnamon. I'm going to use it for the Month, just 2 caps a day and see how that impacts my metabolism of sugar, with my insulin resistance I think this might work for me - in moderation- I hear good things about it (in moderation, lol ) Always a risk of taking too much of something *wink*

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