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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 27- Uphill Mile plus xtrain

Real Quick- not much time to blog ;-)

1 mile uphill climb crank the treadmill to the max incline 15% Incline
Walk 1/10 mile at 3.0
Jog 1/10 mile at 4.5
All the way till the end and the last 1/10 I jogged that hill at 5.0
17min total- wow, what a crazy sweat and a great cardio/respiratory work-out

5min on the row- 1150 meters

10min on the elliptical- 1.75 miles

Nautilus Equipment-20 min
Hamstrings/abs/lower back/obliques/hip flexor

egg whites
protein shake
chobani/wheat germ
whole wheat bun
98/8 lean burger
lowfat mayo
portabello mushroom
jalapeno cheese slice
mixed nuts

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