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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 14- Darn Crotch Riders

I woke up with the SUN shining brightly through the crack of the mini blinds to strike me straight into the face. Sure some may shy away and hide under the covers. NOT me, I love SUNSHINE! I rose with a Glory, claiming to have the Most Amazing Day! Which has been a Great Reprieve for how heavy my heart has been feeling the last few days.

I spent time with my peeps, making healthy buckwheat pancakes where I hid some flaxseed in there and to be a little fun and naughty put some mini dark chocolate chip morsels in them! Topped with All natural maple syrup...hhm..hhmmm!

Spent my afternoon bathing kids, giving them school lessons and blogging my Green Monster Shake.

After RunnerBoy came home I ventured off for some Late Afternoon exercise.

I started my run and not even 2minutes into my run I turned around and ran home to throw a skirt over my Crotch Riders!! OMG...Why are these dam compression shorts sliding up my thighs and trying to get swallowed up my crotch? So first instinct is that I've lost some weight on my thighs and the shorts are no longer tight...which is NOT a bad problem to have! I will say my thighs have very little fat left to :/ but not much left to pinch for fat! Now sometimes that do that till naturally I sweat just enough to help them stick to where they need to stay, lmao.

So I throw on a skirt that has compression built in with those two. So maybe both compressions will stay on my leg. NOPE!! I get to about .4 miles into my run I crotch down to yank the compressions down and I FEEL IT .............'TWINGE' ...........DAM YOU KNEE! My tendon spiked a nice angry FLAIR for the compression yank! Omg!! I was pissed at those dam crotch riders at this point. So I start walking because now the Knee is MAD!

I walked and walked and walked. I can't run. But I CAN Walk. I was out there in my element. I was breathing fresh air. I was moving my ass! I needed to be there. no where else at the moment.

The sun was shining and setting. On my way home I took a different path and walked toward the sunset and then climbed the hill before home for some extra walk fun. ha!

My Walk Trumps!

My Walk Trumps every person sitting on the couch!

My Walk trumps the guy that was walking across the street from me smoking a cigarette while pushing his child *insert Connie Snarl*

Just know that even though I was Walking, I looked like I was a RunnerGirl ;-p
haha! I had my skirt on, my running shoes, my watch.

My Sexy as Hell legs REPRESENT POWER! You see me walking and see my amazing quads/calves you see that chick has some sexy as hell legs...she must be a runner! Oh Yeah!

I notice that when you's like Running in Slow Motion. I get to soak in the atmosphere longer, lmao.
I notice more details in something that catches my eye, when I'm running I notice it and then it's GONE! haha!

Ok, so there is my triumphant failed run! 2.12 miles done - pace 13:30

Then I lecture myself for all my running and all my failed ways that I'm not letting my knee rest.

I'm lecturing to myself to embrace my fitness in new ways and realize that I don't need to be a runner to stay active and healthy.

So I make no promises other than I'm trying and I'm working my brain.

That I came home and I wrote down exactly what I'm doing this and by Golly I'm sticking to it!!

10am- TRX Training
6pm- Boxing with Trainer

Tuesday- Core/Arms/Pilates

9am-Nautillus circuit, Row Machine, Arm Rower Thingy, lol
5pm- Boxing with Trainer

Thursday- Rest

Friday- Run !!!!!


Buckwheat pancakes-200
Pure Maple Syrup*125
Green Monster Shake-225
Organic Blue Tortilla chips with flaxseed-210
1.25 Organic Beef Burger-
100 calorie English Muffin
1 strip low sodium bacon
1/4 slice 2% cheese
3 tblsp Organic natural BBQ Sauce
1.5 cups of steamed broccoli
1/4 cup cottage cheese
10 oz almond milk
1 scoop Jillians natural whey protein
greek yogurt

carbs- 183-(48%)
fat-52- (30%)
protein-83 (22%)
fiber- 32
vitamin c- 336

So Tell me, What's the worst thing you have ever worn in a run and regretted it. Am I the only that owns an apparent pair of crotch riders?

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