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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 17- Better Day

I woke up in 5hr sleep Connie Fashion. Bound to make today a better today. Spent my morning getting ready and taking my twins to story time and then Wal-Mart. Where I won't lie daughter threw the worlds largest toddler tantrum (stripping clothing kind, omg!!) and everybody stared and watched as I carted her screaming little self out the store!
Got home and to my surprise a friend stopped by so that was nice.

Took off the gym later on in the evening with my RunnerBoy.

Boxing 1 hr. Two back to back rounds with the coach working combos and by the hours end I had worked up a decent sweat!

Then I took that same friend that stopped by earlier in the day- out on a classic Connie Work-out. She is joining my gym and I'm eager to watch her progress with her running and fitness and watch her keep shedding the lbs, she has done so great so far!

Called her off the tready and said come with me!

600 meter sprints on the upper track
run up 8 sets of stairs
back down downstairs for set of ab crunches on inclined bench
set of bicep/triceps

Back up stairs and repeat all of this x 3

Great 40min interval training!!!

Best part too, not a single ache or wiggle in the knee during the speed training!

what I loved most is on the last set of 8 sets of stair climbing I said on the way up "last time, we are done" but then I busted out a 1 minute plank at the top! bwahahaha! "Connie you Lied to me" hahahahaha, I loved that! ok, I like lyin' now!

Hey RunnerGirl if you read this- Loved how you pushed hard when I came up around you on the track! Glad you have this amazing drive to just keep pushing. You never complained and had we had the time...I would of loved to do what what we did tonight till you told me "No Connie, I can't possible do it all again" cause Girl....I could of gone another 40minutes easy doing all that, ♥ it! Next time more planks and I'll throw some burpees and jumping jacks in there too!


English Muffin- triple health
1/2 slice 2% cheese
1/4 cup egg whites

10 oz almond milk
1 1/4 scoop Jillian Michaels all natural whey protein
mixed nuts
5 tater tots
1 chicken nuggett

6 oz breaded chicken
1.5 tblsp raw honey
mixed nuts

popcorn/dark chocolate
Wine cooler

I'm carb craving frenzy so I'm staying away from every darn starchy thing I could get my hands on. Must not trust the hormones right now!

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