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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 6

The private group is Quiet....everyone is busy enjoying family time. Hopefully staying on track!
Don't stop now! Looking forward to the weekend assignment and some yummy dessert recipes and to see people enjoying a healthy snack they have made in their kitchen!

Woke up and felt like running. Dare I run 3 days in a row with an injury?
Yep!! My legs wanted to run. I felt nothing last night, nothing this morning and
it was FREEZING FROST on the ground and I wanted it! I saw that sun out and I wanted to be in it. Sure I knew I didn't wake up early and this was last minute. I was gearing up my morning getting my kids dressed for double birthday party fun and yet another day away from the homestead. So I quickly threw the hair back got into some cold runnerboy excited me helped me gather stuff and out the door I went. Nothing I'd go for just 2 miles again today.
My first mile I opened up quickly. It was so cold and it felt so Nice! 1/4 mile in the sun it shined so brightly upon my exhaled breath and It cleansed me. My soul was so lifted. My heart was so Happy. I had wings my first mile. An incredibly comfy 8:15 pace and then I picked it up was hitting sub 7:40 for a while. Hit a local light and then ache started to settle. I picked back up and ran through it and then at the 1 mile marker out, I turned around. Looked at my Garmin where My first mile reflected an 8:10 pace. The run back because I wanted to slow it down and just enjoy the run...I was back around the 9:30 pace and in pain! gah! Toward the end I was running a stiff knee'd 10:15
I'm ok though. Just as soon I was done, my recovery was simple. I had no other wiggles or niggles in the knee the whole rest of the day.....Oh wait...I was totally jumping around in a bounce house with my kids and was beating up runnerboy with some huge inflatable boxing gloves and my knee said "owie" a couple of times, lol.

Tmrw is a 5k race. It won't matter to me my time.....I win....cause I'm running!


B:Coffee- and someone SHOOT me now cause I forgot breakfast again- I like NEVER do this..why am I doing this 2 days in a row? my brain is FRIED! I'm telling you people I've had 4-5hrs of sleep in the last couple of days hormones are whacky and my insomnia is in full swing right now! Not going to bed till 3am sucks! -35

L: Lunch out at Tullys: BBQ Chicken Sandwich- half of a one - I ordered my sauce on the side so I can control my dipping and I notice they give less that way! Broccoli and a couple bites of my kids grilled cheese-600

S: 1 cup of grapes at the party while the kids ate cake! -75
Coffee from Dunkin Donuts -150

2 nut snack packs-300
1 greek yogurt-140
1 tblsp wheat germ-25
10 almond milk-80
1 scoop Jillians protein-100
My dinner was not really a dinner...wasn't hungry after lunch for a really long by the time it came to eat....I just ate nuts/yogurt/protein shake! haha!

Total: 1505-

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