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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 18- Yoga'Lates First-Time!

Prompted to give Yoga'Lates a try today. Yoga with a sprinkle of Pilates. I'm used to Pilates. The use of muscles in specific ways. Being the first time with Yoga I was not sure of what to expect. I was unsure if I could get into specific positions let alone hold them.

To my Surprise I was able to hit every pose and hold them just fine. What I found so Fantastic about Yoga is the incredible Stretch of very specific muscles. Certainly stretches and movements to which I've never done before! They all felt so great and a few times I got my heart rate up to hold my own.

I was comforted to know that as I embrace my cross training during this knee injury that I am learning that I NEED to do more of this important stuff. This is ONLY going to keep me strong and likely with much less running injury in my future. I do know however the logistics of time in my life. How do I balance all this need for cardio with weights and then all the stretching, lol. Being an Athlete is a really big deal, not just simply label myself to be, but something I really aim hard at working at.

What I loved about this Yoga Class is the thoughts the instructor gave us. She talked about the need to give Thanks for all the Greatness in our Life. To which I do and did.

Her best intention was to remind us "stop going to an empty well." If any of you know me at all you know that this is MY most popular sentiment. This exact sentiment changed my life back when I was about 21-22 years old. It was then that I stopped going to my empty wells. There were people in my life that were empty and could never give me everything I needed. It ruined my childhood and adolescence and I vowed as a young adult to take my life back. So I did, mentally healing myself.

So what had me crying in Yoga today? How IRONIC this was for me this week. I dealt with a very emotionally abusive father this week. Same shit I dealt with over the summer from him, ontop of an already incredibly time for me in other personal respects. Surely my heart was feeling very broken at the time. As I have been busy trying to mend my life and heal my heart, I let this person back into my life. That in my Moment of 26.2 miles of clarity, I would at least re-open the lines of communication. Only to have him viciously attack me again. So I know for me, that this Well was Dry. But you think somehow by some miracle that there could be something there and maybe there is, but it's tainted dirty water. Water that is just leaving me sick to my stomach and is not clean and pure the way it should be. So I walk away. *I'm really, really good at that*

Then I reflect further about how my empty wells (not just daddy/mommy issues either) sadden my heart and soul sometimes. That as much as we want to forget the very people that hurt us that it's always easier said than done. And maybe when we think that we have moved on, there comes a time when or a moment where you just can't help but be so overwhelmed by the loss. But I remind myself "I set that free" on my Marathon!

Great Class! Doing it again and again in my future for sure!


2 eggs
slice of toast

fuji apple salad
1/2 bowl cheddar broccoli soup
green tea

Chicken Caprese Sandwich

mixed nuts
Indiana popcorn
No Pudge

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