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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 2


I'm loving all the interactions on FB. I apologize in advance if I miss your post...Please don't think for one second that I don't read every post and every comment too. I just may not be able to respond...let's be honest....I am incredible giving woman....but sometimes...I aint got nothing left, lol.......I love the support you all are showing for each other. That is so fantastic. It's nice to have about 45 Woman in there just going back and forth about their food and fitness. Motivating others to stay on target! I know that you don't always need me praising you every step of the way, you all can do that for each other. But I love reading it all ♥

I wrote a big blog post about Emotional Eating. Definitely worth reading. I will say that battling emotional eating is 75% understanding it, realizing that you are doing it and then simply put in the work to change it. I know you all can!
Here you go!

My Fitness:
15min Elliptical where I had fun challenging myself! 2minute of crazy speed up to 220 strides and holding it for 2min...a couple of bursts up to 240 strides per minute...omg!! I was hauling a double s. I felt a tiney bit awkward in that I wore my capris today and my belly was just a flip flapping away and I quickly reminded myself if I was going to elliptical I should wear tight spandex and keep my tummy in tight. blah. hate the extra lbs and the skin...yuck!


1 hr spin class

then because as if 1hr and 15min was not enough cardio for this Injured RunnerGirl...I jogged the halls of the gym. Just as soon as I left spin class I threw in the ipod earbuds and ran 2 flights of stairs two times in a row and then the hallway and then back to the stairs up and down 2x and then run again....I did that for another 15minutes. I will confess that I FREAKING LOVED THE BURN...THE SWEAT...MY RUNNING....I LOVE YOU....I FREAKING MISS YOU! I am going to run my ass off when I can. You all just might not even understand...I got a high from doing the very thing I should of not been doing. So technically first run since last Friday so in 4 days! My pain in my knee...back to where I sorta originally thought it was. Lower outside knee radiating at the top of the tibia and into the knee *not at all around the back--who knows...maybe still the meniscus tear...who knows...I felt it....wasn't really painful but still bothersome. I don't care that I ran on it for 15minutes. I feel fine tonight...the whole rest of my day I've not had one single knee ache or anything that identifies that I did everything I did today other than sore right quad again, lol. Dam you leg! Heal up!

My foods:

Oatmeal with flax/cranberrys
Protein shake
almond milk
whole wheat roll
grilled chicken
diced tomato
sour cream
1/4 cheeseburger
2 bites of my daughters whole wheat waffle
greek yogurt

Today cals:

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